The Populars

My latest book busting post was about goals and to segue into this post I had goals about writing. I want to be on more strict schedule for these posts whether or not people are reading. For myself. However I got into a TV show that is extremely popular and binged on it till I was caught up and now I am on another show I am bingeing. So here I am weeks later with two pithy blog posts to my name.

I  have the nature to reject the popular thing because I feel I won’t like it or maybe the stupid reason of not wanting to like something because others like it. I reject things on principle. I think we all do. You may hate Justin Bieber or Drake without ever hearing one of their songs.  I did it with these books and the shows I binged.  Wow it seems so wrong to say that word since it usually has another context.

My first popular show I rejected was  Breaking Bad.  I really love this show and have no regrets of when I started watching. There is something to be said about having almost  every episode of the show at my fingertips.  I am never left with a cliffhanger that I know won’t be resolved until a year later. If you can avoid spoilers, there is something to be said about waiting till a show has run its course to watch.

Breaking Bad does live up to the hype. It has action and suspense that most people expect but it is amazing at these nuanced performances from the actors.   It affords so much in the ability to interpret and analyze a show and to talk about it with all of your friends which I love. The show brings everything to the table that you should want and expect from a quality television show.

I also am catching up on The Good Wife which I ignored because I thought it was a silly show about a woman whose husband cheated on her. This is the springboard for the entire show but in the end it is another great character driven drama. Amazing nuanced performances, great guest actors, and you get to see the inner-workings of a law firm.  Quality law related shows are my jam. MY JAM

Books that everyone says are aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamazing but i am hesitant to read for reasons. Very Good reasons

Gone Girl

I cried reading this book. It has so many insights to a failed relationship and failed person-hood that  I saw lots of aspects in my life in it. However it is a thriller so I don’t completely identify.  Talking with my Andreaboo, I was lightened  that in addition to being this mystery thriller it is about perspective and point of view. Having dual male/female narration who start as reliable narrators but through the need of self-preservation their reliability becomes suspect. There is also a commentary on society’s need to  judge and shape the scope of inquiry with out all of the facts. We think we have all the information when we read about a sensational story but we forget these are just the things that have slipped, not the whole story.

I found this book utterly fascinating and great to read.  It isn’t some dime-store paperback, it is a book with substance that begs to be looked at past the basic plot. I highly recommend this quick paced thriller.

The Fault in Our Stars

I have no fucking clue what to say or do to rate this book. I like lots of it but I do feel it is an amalgam of beautiful quotes and phrases wrapped around a  loose story to make us cry. Even though it is in 1st person point of view, we only learn about  teenage girl in snarks and person platitudes. Maybe that is every sixteen year old girl but I hope not.  Warning there is lots of cancer in this book.  Another issue I have with the book is that it strives so hard to be not another cancer book that it doesn’t go beyond much more than that. And as bad as I talked about it, I cried hard. I am not sick nor are my loved ones sick. I did have an aunt that recently passed from cancer and a close friend that died of complications due to many chronic illnesses, but that isn’t what struck me. it was the love. I am a mush-face and can’t handle the idea of losing your love. You only have so long to hold onto them so make the most of your time. Damn now i am a fucking platitude.

IT is a quick read so if you are ready to cry or you are way stronger than I, read this. There is enough philosophies and quirky teen dialogue to keep it interesting. Other than that the book is really thin.

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