Vivi Tells You What to Listen to, Pt 52

HERE I GO AGAIN on my own. Sorry caps lock.  Like a drifter I was born to walk under the boardwalk. Hahahhaha I am hilarious.  As always the list is supremely good. Like a taco supreme with the sour cream and the tomatoes! Mmmmmusic.

I just spent way too much time trying to find the best brunch in my city with unlimited mimosas. People would say I am a booze-hound because of my need for unlimited mimosas but I say I am a visionary.

Going to do random thoughts again because I have nothing else and there is only so many times I can say beautiful, awesome, bouncy, clappy.

1. The Fratellis- Seven Nights Seven Days

We party hard y’all. Or that is how long we try to get laid. Y’all.  Sometimes after the seven days she is worn down like a pair of overworked monkey balls. I am not saying women are monkey balls. The way you wear them down fits. This should be a film for that silly filmography in Infinite Jest (I WILL FINISH YOU). I feel like I will actually die trying to read this book. Maybe a vein will pop in my head.

2. Maejor Ali (Ft Juicy J and Justin Bieber) – Lolly 

Can we quit with the referring to our junk as cute things? Because if I am going to be a Blowbunny I am not going to ask for a lolly. Also if I am doing Molly I probably shouldn’t be using a hibachi. That doesn’t seem safe.  And everyone has Netflix, Justin, so that isn’t a way to woo me. If you have HBO GO or every season of  Ed you might have something.

3. We Are Twin- True Love

I am just going to assume this is the song for a Flowers in the Attic remake.  Really the truest love is the love of a twin. Your mangy  stumpy twin (you ate more in the womb. We know your favorite sin) is crawling to you on their stumps with that look in their eyes. You know that look and love that look. You love the way that stump drags on the carpet making a slight indent for 3 seconds. Stump love- ain’t nothing wrong with that.

4. Calvin Harris ft Ellie Goulding – I Need Your Love

I hard core love Ellie Goulding. I also love fall. So I am going to list the things I love about fall because: pumpkin spice everything, scarves, knee high boots, leggings, cardigans, cool breezes, hot tea, snuggling, the feeling of calm exhilaration.

5. Veruca Salt – Seether

The kids from WILLY WONKA and the Chocolate in reverse order of awesomeness:

5. Mike Tvee (douche)
4. Violet Beauregard (know it all)
3. Charlie Bucket (wha wha I drank Fizzy lifting drank and now I can’t get into heaven. Except by attoning for my sins with this magical ball. Unlikely story)
2. Veruca Salt (selfish but straightforward)
1. Augustus Gloop (plop plop)

6. Al Green – You Ought To Be With Me

According to Psychology Today guys like red because it is primal. I guess when a girl wears read it reminds them of the girl bleeding. Because this is healthy. In other news Psychology Today is a shitty ass stereotypical magazine.

7. Thirty Seconds to Mars – Stay 

Happy list for today:
Joseph Gordon Levitt
Agents of S.H.I.E.LD
Having Dinner made for me
Not punching anyone at work
Bunny necklace

8. Bastille  – We Can’t Stop

You should listen to this all the way through. It turns this happy rebelling song into something a bit more sad. I think this song also references Molly. Molly is everywhere. If you take nothing from nobody then you are what Ayn Rand wants you to be. Is this song about Randian philosophy? Maybe there is a John Galt reference in her songs?

9. Icona Pop- All Night

You need to watch this video all the way through. I love any video that features a gay fashion show. Icona Pop is also equally awesome.  Not related to this video (I swearz), I just found this article

So yeah Cosmo is now giving Butt Plug Advice. The same magazine that told me that a way to spice up my sex life was to “eat pizza in bed” is now suggesting Tantus Juicer.  If i were ever to go this route, it wouldn’t be with something named juicer.

10. Delilah – Go

Good for your rawr list. Don’t you love a video with random dog action?  Not related explicitly to this video but is Michael Stipe hot or looks like a broke-down addict? This was of much debate in the Casa last night.

11. Emilana Torrini – Gun

Heard this on Luther. Sexy song and sexy man. You should be watching that show it is on Hulu and Netflix at least. So after this list, go watch Luther.  Go

12. Charli XCX- SuperLove

I am loving these new poppy girls that are becoming popular. I highly recommend all of Charli XCX’s music you can find as well as the new Lorde album. It is my current album on repeat along with Disclosure.  She smokes you in the club.   Take that for what you want.


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