I love fall! And other things white girls like.

Since the start of Pumpkin Spice Latte season or Fall, I have seen more “White Girl like” things popping around.  Since I am probably the White Girl figurehead,  I will tell you some of awesome  things about me that are probably mostly attributed to middle-class white girls. Because we know that is what those memes and comments mean.

  • Current new band crush is Purity Ring:
  • I lamented about the Untappd (beer check-in app) Pumpkin Badge (drink 5 pumpkin beers and you get the badge on your account) starting on 10/11/13 so all the pumpkin beers I drank before then didn’t count.

    I need you
    I need you
  • When I buy make-up foundation at the store it is quick because I pick the lightest shade.
  • I am in love with the Body Shop Brazil Nut Body butter and the Coconut Lip Butter

    You make me so beautiful
    You make me so beautiful
  • I just started getting Graze boxes to my door and they are yummy. I have had a raspberry coconut muffin mix.
  • To soothe my soul: I bought a pumpkin spice latte and macaron.

    I want you in my mouth now.
    I want you in my mouth now.
  • I am currently reading Malcolm Gladwell’s  David and Goliath and David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest.
  • I have been writing a daily journal in a Ryan Gosling themed notebook.

    Hey Girl
    Hey Girl
  • My new favorite show is the CW’s  Reign

    Its like 16th Century Gossip Girl
  • I own a pair of mint green Toms and they are so comfortable.
  • I have a Starbucks Gold Card.

From a list I found here are some more things that apply to me that I didn’t know were “white girl” things:

  • I love Pretty Little Liars
  • I love leggings.
  • I am a huge fan of Pitch Perfect and know all the words to Cups.  Also I mad crush on Anna Kendrick. We would like totes make the bestest of friends with lick benefits.
  • I do like Nutella
  • And as much as I don’t want to admit it,  I love Uggs. And I am a California White Girl because I wear them with short skirts.
  • I do own a white iPhone.
  • I have an active Pinterest account that includes the obligatory weddings board and a vegan board. (did I forget to mention I am a Day Vegan? More about that in the future)

According to Tumblr all white girls like is black dick.

If you know of any “white girl likes” let me know.

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