This Week In Vivi- Week 1

I love introducing things and not keeping up with them; It isn’t love per se but it is fun to introduce things. My thoughts and dreams are bigger than my actions which can be attributed to part lazy and part over ambition. I have been trying  to live my life with more realistic expectations of myself so both you and I aren’t disappointed. However I believe this segment will stick over time and hopefully it will be entertaining for you. I might have thoughtful and poignant items on here but most will be bite size chunks and jokes accentuated with lots of pics and videos, i.e. a  personalized Buzzfeed article.

I have been taking daily notes for myself and perpetuity. Hey I could be famous or aliens might want to use me as an example of how a pale one lived on Earth. Who knows. Anyways I have these notes and I have selected the things I think are most important and I am going to share them with you. So you will know the things during the week that made my eyes twinkle, winkle or sprinkle. For the record I will not be using that nomenclature for these items.

  • The Silver Spoon is probably the most iconic Italian cookbook in both here and Italy and I know own a copy of said cookbook. It is insanely heavy and has lots of ham recipes (Viva Italia!).  Under the Easter menu was this bread thing called a colomba. I was told by Andreaboo that it is insane to make one of these and so now I  will make a colomba. It is the least I could do for the returning Jesus—- The first thing he wants after being dead for three days is a yeasty bread covered in almonds shaped like a bird.

    I haven't eat you but I will make you and eat you!!
    I haven’t eaten you but I will make you and eat you!!
  • I have been trying out lots of new music (for me) this week which will be talked in more depth on my next Vivi Tells You.  Though if  you haven’t heard Grimes or Bonobo yet, go listen now. We will wait for you.
  • Actual new music: Arcade Fire’s new album Reflektor is available for streaming. I am listening to it now and I kind of like it. It is very 80s New Wave.  Listen to it here. I don’t want to like Arcade Fire but it isn’t them I have a problem with, it is everyone else. So I am giving it a try and enjoying myself. It is no giving a colomba to a smelly Jesus, but it is something.
  • I have been slowly making a tutu for my Halloween costume. I will need to break out the glue gun and try not to burn myself. Which I will burn myself but burns will make my costume more authentic.  I will be a Thunderdome Tooth Fairy.
  • Injustice: Gods Among Us—  Played it a wee bit this week and realized that  my favorite character is Aquaman: he is violent awesome and easy to control. This is also the first fighting game I am kind of bad at. As Aquaman I strive to learn how to  do this:
  • Super Smash Brawl—  It is the ADD of fighting games but has a special place in my heart. I also am still trying to unlock fucking Jigglypuff. Seriously people. I may have to buy an actual Pokemon game to play Jigglypuff.
  • GTA V-– Crazy insane and fun for the gamer who doesn’t like missions. I will have a full blog for GTA V in the next week or so.
  • Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.– is still really boring over all to me. There are these glimmers of plot lines that could be awesome and then fizzle. Characters that aren’t developng at all. I don’t care about these people or what happens to them. I want to stick with it but after realizing that Joss Whedon doesn’t do anything with the show it makes me not feel as invested.
  • Blacklist–  is super fun and fast. You do have to suspend logic for the show but it has these Hannibal-esque story lines. The running plot points aren’t super interesting nor do they take up a lot of space in an episode. I don’t hate any of the characters. And James Spader is James Spader which means creepy in the good way.
  • The Good Wife– Still catching up on this show. IF you haven’t seen it , then it is the best show you are missing. By far. So many good actors and so so so so so so so so so (is that enough?) good.
  • The Originals– The best gay eye candy show with no actual gay relationships. Which makes me sad but it does keep my fan fiction career alive.
  • @Midnight-– Chris Hardwick’s new show and it is great. There have been shows that have tried to capture the internet for tv and this to me is the perfect way. A silly but clever game show that allows comedians to be themselves. And it is good natured overall. And fucking hilarious.

    Isn't he adorable? He is also hilarious
    Isn’t he adorable? He is also hilarious
  • If you have read or heard of  any of David Sedaris’ material or you just want to read a take on a family suicide, then check this article out.
  • This image struck me hard this week as I have had a case of the sads. I don’t want to say it is depression because I don’t want to demean people who have depression. But this made me realize sometimes I just want to crawl into a Comfort Fort with the one I love the most:
  • The comic, Pretty Deadly started this week and it is fantastic. It is a badass western with its own mythology and mysticalness. A story told by a bone bunny to a butterfly.
  • I fell back in love with Greg Proops and luckily for me I had lot of epis of his podcast (The Smartest Man in the World) to catch up on, the latest Never Not Funny, and a recent Doug Loves Movies. I really just want to have him talk awesome things with me while we get high. And drink.
  • Check out my This Week in Vivi YouTube Playlist where I include
    • Answering the eternal question “Who Fucked this pumpkin?”
    • The new Captain America trailer which includes lots of fighting. And posing and talking about the role of fighting in America. And dinged up sheilds.
    • Honest Trailer of Pacific Rim- pew pew pew
    • A long sample of my new YouTube weakness- The British Panel Game Shows that are funny. Lots of jokes I don’t get but I laugh lots and I recognize at least 40% of the celebrities.
    • Preview for the Aziz Ansari stand-up special.  Be as excited as I am which is an Azizzzzzzzz on a scale of Aziz to Azizzzzzzz
    • Two videos demonstrating the magical absurd comedy of Sam Simmons and why I will be saying “Daddy wants a biscuit” at all gatherings. Watch out company holiday parties!
    • Triumph insulting my type of nerd, the beer nerd.
    • Morgan Freeman reciting the Fox

And for Andreaboo, this picture  of Lil Bub

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