Vivi Tells You What to Listen To- Part 53

I am tired after a busy weekend of playing Cards Against Humanity, seeing a concert, and house sitting for my parents. I am tired of cats and them being adorable tiny dickfaces. But they are so000 cute. And sometimes they are in space!!

No gimicks for this list and short descriptions. I am tapped people. I will try to come back to form next week.  As always the songs are good because  music is emotional for me and not academic. I won’t be able to pick out technical things but I can tell you how it makes me feel. I just sing the Michael Jackson song to all of my songs. I call them clusterfuck–ups.  Enjoy the awesome list.  But before the list:


Emilie Autumn- Time For Tea

This is a live version of a song I used before on a Vivi Tells You.  I saw this gorgeous fierce warrior in concert on Saturday at a small stage which was a perfect setting for the show. The linked video is from a bigger production of this show/concert but it gives the same feel as what I saw. I said show before because it was more than a concert, it was a musical that included some burlesque and cute skits thrown in between. My vagina felt empowered at the concert and maybe a bit tingly. What can I say? Three hot strong ladies on stage and I am weak. The show went by fast and was full of glitter and costumes and Emilie singing beautifully as always. She was super appreciative of the fans as she said goodbye. Attending these smaller shows creates this great sense of community and love between the performer and audience. You get these raw experiences that you won’t have when they perform in larger spaces.  So if there is an artist  you are enjoying go the moment you see them listed in the Dinky Club (Sir. Music Toots).  I assure you if the artist is an artist it will be an experience you won’t forget. A personal but shared musical explosion in your soul.  (Provided you have a soul. If you do not have a soul then this will not work for and Vivi is not liable)


1. Phaeleh- Whistling in the Dark

When I go for chill music it is usually this type of ethereal sexilicious music. Smoky sounding women that embrace you and then suddenly your pants are off.  The video is even mesmerizing. Check it before I wreck it. Is that a thing?

2. Banks- Waiting Game

I really like women singers who have the smoke voice that just goes in your ear and tingles all the good parts. This one has this beat that is even more sexilicious. I feel that in these 53 posts, you should now have a huge list of seduction.

3. Maverick Sabre- I Need

He seems to be lumped in with Sam Smith in the music area but besides having that croonerish singing i don’t see it. I love 95% of Maverick Sabre’s songs there are some that have that reggae or K’naan vibe that I don’t enjoy as much anymore. But when he channels his soul voice it is beautiful and sweet. It isn’t the butter of Sam Smith but a good Smart Balance singing.

4.  Sam Sparro- Paradise People

Dancealicious. Happy music. Now I know why I went with the gimmicks. I don’t have much else to say. it is like a 80s dance music song that isn’t new wave but electronic with heavy vocals.  Dance and sing. Dance and sing.

5. The Delta Riggs – Street Signs & Brake Lights

Driving blusey rockey. It is from The Originals which is the Vampire Diaries spin-off. The music from the show is really good. They have an ongoing playlist on Spotify. So check that before I wreck that. I am just going to keep using it and be my own little Vizzini.

6.  Hurts- Mercy

More The Originals music. See I was right they do have good stuff? This one is slower and sexier. Not smoke sex like above but good for the seduction list.  I can’t vouch for the quality of the show but I can vouch that there are a lot of pretty boys that aren’t kissing nearly enough for me.

7. Diplo- Biggie Bounce

Super fun dance song. From the major player in Major Lazer. The song has the Major Laze vibe and is infectious as all fuck to my head. All of his songs are intended to get your ass moving. Literally.

8. Major Lazer- Bubble Butt

Hence this song. And this video which is crazy awesome. Oh this song will get in your head and it is a good thing. I assure you.

9. The Fray- Love Don’t Die 

I can’t resist this song because it catches all of my weakness for pop-rock songs. I think it is a spectacular song and you do to. You may not know it yet but you do.  If the last song was annoying (which it shouldn’t) then this one will be fantastical for you. Promise

10. M.I.A. – Y.A.L.A

This is pretty perfect M.I.A for me as I am a M.I.A fan. The beat is sick (did I get it right children?) and makes me dance so hard. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOHARD. The song on multiple repeat this week.


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