Clearing the Queue: The Fall


We all look at movie reviews to get a general sense of how we might enjoy the movie. And I think we all know in the end our enjoyment is subjective. It is based on who we are as a person, who we see it with, and the mood we bring to the viewing.

We accept people who like horror films and action movies and other nooks and crannies in the world of film.  However we tend to judge dramas all on the same level. That doesn’t work. 

Maybe you are a heavy plot person, maybe you focus on the visuals and score, maybe you like good character development. Each component will have more weight for you than for another. It makes it exponentially  harder to set a standard for these movies than others. Yet critics try to do so.

The reason why I am talking about this is that The Fall, got mixed ratings—A mild positive in the scope of filmmaking.

It is visually striking and beautiful.
It is charming on the sweetest of levels.
It has some melodrama but no more than the critically acclaimed Silver Linings Playbook or Life of Pi (barf).

This movie compels you to watch it. It brings you in with red plumage in a barren desert.

It has a child that drives the film that is cute and acts like a child. She isn’t a smart ass or precious— just a plain child that loves stories.

It is about visual storytelling. It isn’t trying to be an epic. Just a story to find something bright and shiny in the midst of a murky lake.

Yes you should watch it and figure out for yourself if this is what you want from a movie. It may not be and that is okay but you need to make those choices.


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