This Week in Vivi- Week 2

  • Cards Against Humanity plus any alcohol is great. With scotch even betterer:
    photo 1
  • Because of CAH and Scotch, the next day I discovered that the best hangover meal  is pancakes, chicken fingers, and hash browns.
  • Kittysat for my parents and while I was at their house I TRIED ON ALL OF THE HATS (seriously there were like 25 of them).
  • Because of kittysitting and my own cat I have come to realize that cats are the tiniest assholes. Knocking shit over, begging constantly, general fuckall.
  • Because I am the White Girl extraordinaire I can summon Drake songs; Radio Stations, Bartenders singing randomly, DJs at bars, etc.
  • As mentioned in the latest Vivi Tells You What to Listen, I saw Emilie Autumn. Yayya. It was fantastic BTW.
  • Lou Reed died and while it is sad I didn’t afford the appropriate response so I now have been attributed to his death. Sorry Lou. Big ups to the Wildside in the Sky.
  • Finished reading David and Goliath by Malcolm Gladwell. It was really good. I still find Blink and The Tipping Point my favorites of his but this one was excellent.
  • If you want a great playlist on Spotify, I recommend The Originals playlist. Current music but has a bluesy tint to them.
  • Had a  mini boardgame night and I lost two rounds of StarFluxx. This game is horrible and evil:
    photo 1(1)
  • I really failed at watching current TV shows this week but I did catch Homeland. While I am interested in the show, I feel like I keep on waiting for something to happen and nothing really does. After about episode 5 in a season of 12, it seems like Waiting for Godot.
  • I also wrote a blog post reviewing the movie The Fall
  • I finally got my Veronica Mars shirt from the Veronica Mars movie Kickstarter. The shirt is so comfy and that just means the movie is closer to coming out. Squee!
    photo 2(1)
  • So earlier this week my Facebook feed was riddled with giraffes.  Happy it seemed to die down but it should never start again or there should never ever be another one like it. It isn’t fun and it doesn’t provide any content.
  • Y’all need to be watching the Good Wife. Now. The most recent episode is the best episode of television I have seen in awhile (other than Breaking Bad).
  • Y’all also need to be listening to Lorde. Her album, ep, and live concert are all on Spotify and on heavy rotation on my ears.
  • The Jonas Brothers broke up. Now Now. Don’t cry too hard. You knew there was a time for this and in 10 years you will get to go to the reunion shows. No one ever breaks up forever.

    This will never go away though.
    This will never go away though.
  • Started reading book four of The Mortal Instruments series, The City of Fallen Angels. Dear god this book is so catchy and I feel like I hug it too hard while it hugs me too hard. I am weak. Help me!!
  • I played a lot of Steam Games this week. Mostly this mind-fuck of awesome called Stanley Parable. I don’t want to give too much away but there is no shooting or fighting. It is a choose your own adventure in an office and easy for everyone to play.
  • Speaking of Steam, your account shows how long you have played most games. You can tell I am not a gamer where the game I played most was for 70 minutes. I think it was some Zen Game.
  • There is an new Sandman series that started this week. The artwork is stunning as well as the story. So get on it. Now
    photo 5(1)
  • The tv show Reign needs some better stories. This girl needs some good stories that doesn’t misspell Mary or say they don’t own history. I guess I should just write my own. because seriously I won’t write anything else.
  • Finally watched the 1st epi of season 4 of Downton Abbey.. after seeing breaking bad and good wife i realize how trivial this show is in parts pettycoats bunched over a new mixer. Though I fucking love Edith
  • Halloween: I dressed as a Thunderdome tooth fairy complete with ribbon entwined pliers. Here are my bloody wings and part of the tutu I made.
    photo 5
  • Couldn’t decide between a creepsamagoo game and a cutesamagoo game and got both on a Steam Sale.
  • Amnesia the Dark Descent is scary as all fuck. I don’t know if I can play this game anymore without having someone to hold me. I got so scared that instead of hitting “ESC” on my laptop, I turned off the laptop. My heart was beating for 20 min after and I only went up the stairs.
  • Monster Loves You is cute decision game but not much more than that. Though I only played for about 10 min before i was bored. I will try it out more to make sure that I didn’t judge the game too quickly.
  • I watched an old episode of The Office and Timothy Olyphant is hot as always
  • YouTube list time!!!! In this list we feature:
    • A Cracked video that is interesting and funny. I promise it won’t be Cracked videos every week. I do know more areas of the internet.
    • X-Men Days of Future Past trailer which is amazing. I assume you have seen it but if not, do it now. You have lifted the rock to see this unless your rock as Wifi then carry on and watch.
    • Lego Rave! (self-explanatory)
    • My favorite couple, Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer, have a mini-documentary of their tour together. Lovely ❤
    • Best Nerdist All-Star Celebrity Bowling with the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon crew. It is perfection.
    • Wil Wheaton’s latest Not the Flog and it is charming and so full of ideas. Where i got the idea to play Amnesia. I am not made for scare. I am made for love.
    • Creepy (if you have a clown thing) but a great version of Royals by Lorde
    • A great cover of a Talking Heads song done by the Lumineers
    • The Pete Holmes show started this week (it airs after Conan). It is seriously funny and the sketches are priceless in humor. I have included this as an example.

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