This Week In Vivi – Week 3

White Girl Moments for the week (besides just existing):

  • I spent time fantasizing about the drinks I will get with my free drink on my Starbucks gold card (venti gingerbread latte with an extra shot and caramel drizzle)
  • Spent a couple of days obsessing about a dress for a holiday party ( I did buy the dress)
  • Realized my finger wasn’t a cucumber
  • I got the Gossip Girl final jeopardy question correct.  Boom Yeah!
  • I still turn on the radio and Drake is playing immediately

Other things this week:

  • I started doing Nanowrimo and I am behind but enjoying the story I am writing. I am doing a Post-Apocalyptic Canterbury Tales like thing.Maybe I will share parts of it here.
  • Acquired two graphic novels this week- Blue is the Warmest Color and Batman: Court of Owls Vol 1. I haven’t read either but they look interesting and I will keep you updated.
  • Played copious amounts of Portal 2. GLaDOS is a mean person and turrets are evil. It is hard for me at times. It really shows my inability to solve puzzles and how I don’t like laser fire. I only like laser hugs from Jesus. Oh me playing Portal 2 shows how I like to live like it is 2011.
  • Saw the trailer for the Jim  Jarmusch film, Only Lovers Left Alive. It is Tilda Swinton and Tom Hiddleston. As lovers. I will melt. You can watch the trailer if you wanna see them all naked laying together (you do):
  • There is a LA Weekly Article on Slash Fiction which I didn’t know that was the name for my thoughts but it is.  So read the article and learn about the world of Slash Fiction and more about my soul!!!
  • Speaking of Slash Fiction, this was the poster a Chinese Cinema used for Thor 2: A Dark World.
  • I am close to finishing the Mortal Instruments: City of Fallen Angels book. I really like this one compared to the others which were good too. I just don’t know if I can recommend it to others. I don’t know how much of my common sense I am abandoning to read this.
  • More book things. I got all the Harry Potter Books for my iPad (Thanks Andreaboo!) and looking at the first screen of my Kindle list, you will get a good picture of me.
  • Aziz Ansari has a new special called Buried Alive on Netflix and you need to check that now. It is super hilarious and a great progression in his stand-up career. It is reflective of where he is now in his life and i enjoy that. I enjoy that he is doing what he feels is going to be funny and great on stage without trying to hold on to all of the tropes that got him popular. If they still work for him, he does them but he is willing to go further.
  • You can listen to the Inside Llewyn Davis soundtrack on NPR right now.  I love the folk music so this album makes me happy and even more excited to see this movie.  Listen
  • Besides watching every @Midnight and Pete Holmes Show available this week (click on their names to watch the episodes), I watched Blacklist and Homeland.
    Blacklist is still super fun even though it can be dumber than a box of rocks at times.
    Homeland was better than the other episodes this season but still infuriated me. I will say it it did give me a holy fuck moment.
  • I caught up on my Doug Loves Movies episodes. I love how is usually this clusterfuck of awesome. They are sometimes confusing and everywhere but they produce these great moments and introduce me to new people.
  • I wrote two other blog posts this week: A hilarious Vivi Tells You and a Review of Man of Steel.
  • I recorded a great pop culture podcast with Andreaboo. Check the latest Clusterpop
  • I watched clips of the Country Music Awards ( CMAs) so I feel to give you some notes:
    • It is like watching the British Panel Shows I love: it is amusing but I don’t get most of the references.
    • They did this strange bit assigning different celebrities to feud with each other. They gave Darius Rucker (aka Hootie) Julianne Hough to “feud” with. Fine it is kind of amusing but you only did it because he is the ONLY black guy there. So you made him your token. You aren’t any better than Julianne Hough.
    • Taylor Swift looked thoroughly confused when they were making Obamacare jokes.
    • Lennon and Maisy are super adorable still.
    • Dave Grohl performed with the Zac Brown Band and now all Foo Fighters fans are jizzing over Chicken Fried.
    • Duck Dynasty is so popular that when Carrie Underwood and Braid Paisley did a parody song about them and the DD guys came out onstage, some dude in the front row leap from his seat. I like DD as much as everyone but they are still just dudes who make duck calls.
  • San Diego Beer Week is this week. Here are the things I did:
    • Went to Intergalactic Brewing Company to try a sour called It’s A Trap. It was not a trap and I have a growler of it sitting in my fridge.
    • Got these special versions of the Stone Arrogant Bastard Ale. Two that have chili peppers (Crime and Punishment) and one that is Bourbon Barrel Aged (Southern Charred)
    • Went to Alesmith and did their Speedway Stout tastings. So I had 11 different versions of a Stout. My favorite that I wanted to marry and love forever had Lapsong Tea in it. So good and smoky.
  • Random Image that needs to be here:
  • And I thank the Earth that this picture exists:

This Week in my YouTube Viewing

  • Clip from the Pete Holmes show with Batman and Superman. Seriously hilarious and I have seen it 4 times.
  • Loki!!!!!
  • Archer talks conflict resolution.
  • My new discovery of Jonny McGovern. This Batman bit is the bestest.
  • Awww cute things
  • Statham being charming. ❤
  • Ron Funches my new comedy love. ❤ ❤
  • ChupaCobra!!! Watch out!!!
  • Another Greatest Event In Television History. It is some of the funniest and silliest stuff out there. And love for Adam Scott who creates them ❤ ❤
  • Getting Doug With High web show is great. The one with Greg Proops is amazing because I love Proops. I am biased towards them both but you should see it anyway

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