Thor 2: Thor Again! Naturally

Thor The Dark World  5
I had this fancy review  all planned and a small little swoon portion but now squee has taken over since I have  looked at a bunch of Thor/Loki images and need to share all of them.

Fine Fine..  I will tell you what I thought of the move first. If you really want to know:

  • It is LOTR in space with a gravity gun. I realized why it is LOTResque and that is because the Norse Nine Realms is very similar to Middle-Earth  and Tolkien must have pulled from the Norse-ness a bit. Here is the Nine Realms. This is super helpful to see before the movie:
  • The main villains are Doctor Space Elf and Evil Skyrim. This will make more sense when you watch it. Needless to say they were fun but weren’t outstanding villains.
  • Jane was fallen to the typical helpless silly girl syndrome that seems to happen when you fall in love with the big strong ThunderGod, as you do.
  • The plot was insanely interesting and intricate but well done. They get gold stars for telling a mythology and story and keeping it all level with minimal wonky. Here is a cute picture of Thor/Loki to reward you plot people:
  • Humor in this movie was great at first but then started to wear me down towards the end. I wanted some serious moments that weren’t undercut constantly by jokes that are okay but nothing special.
  • The movie is insanely beautiful.
  • I give it mega-super-awesomesauce so 3 bunnies and a cupcake.


  • I forgot that Idris Elba is in this movie and my heart leapt when I saw him. His magical seer eyes were gorgeous:
  • Tom Hiddleston was super charming and a great Loki as normal. He probably wasn’t totally needed to advance the plot but I am totally okay with that.
  • If you find Christopher Eccelston hot then you may be sadly disappointed. He was a pale space elf which wasn’t my thing.
  • Thor/Loki scenes were the bestest for the swoon level and required me to look for fan art of them together and I found these two:
  • Chris Hemsworth was hot and had a shirtless scene though he should have learned how to wash his hair. He was able to do it once during the film and should have done it more. I think Doctor SpaceElf would have waited for him to shower before fighting him to the pain or death or whatever. Also there should be more rain in Asgard to keep him clean.

For some reason looking up Loki/Thor Slash Fiction turned up this:


Also check out this other awesome review of Thor by my friend Marina: click here.


2 thoughts on “Thor 2: Thor Again! Naturally

  1. Doctor space elf was totally sexy in a weird my undergrad thesis professor kind of way. I like to think that he and evil Skyrim were in love.

    Also, thanks for the shout out!

  2. Nice to see that there’s still a little bit of juice left in this story, as well as these characters, who continue to get more and more interesting and worth watching as each and every movie goes by. Good review.

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