This Week in Vivi- Week 4


  • There is a Twilight Saga blu ray set and my vagina is sad that I want it so much.
  • I watched Thor 2: A Dark World in a proper theater  and I  reviewed it on this site and discussed it  on Clusterpop.
  • Netflix has been adding some interesting newer movies (Only God Forgives, Flight, Populaire) and I want to see them but know I will just end up watching YouTube instead.
  • This Image from The Oatmeal  is relevant to my interests (even though I just said I don’t watch movies on streaming. hehe)tumblr_mw9v8rFZU41qz4cuyo1_500


  • Started American Horror Story: Coven and it is fucked but in the good ways. I am a babillon episodes behind but I will catch up at some point.
  • Homeland was again interesting but not enough good to make me go OMG.  So lets say Yay for two weeks of interesting?
  • Watched a Vampire Diaries from a couple of weeks ago (For Whom the Bell Tolls- seriously it is named that. For no fucking reason. Oh because they rang a bell for a dead person maybe ONCE). I feel so sorry for Damon- he gets his shit together for a girl and then spends the rest of his life dealing with white supernatural people problems.

    -oh I got these from
  • Major obsession is the British Music Panel show called Never Mind the Buzzcocks. It seriously is the best thing ever and you can find tons of episodes on YouTube. Reasons why it is amazing–
    • I am learning about a bunch of new UK comedians such as Simon Amstell and Rhod Gilbert
    • One of the panel anchors is Noel Fielding (Richmond from IT Crowd)
    • I am remembering and learning lots of UK music.
    • It is super hilarious and often has that harsh biting comedy which sometimes causes problems
    • It has stars like John Barrowman, David Tennant, and Martin Freeman.

Video Games

  • Played Portal 2 until I got stuck (again!) but I am escaping from things and on my own (mostly). I don’t feel as much of a puppet at the moment. I assume this will change.
  • Tried Monster Loves You, again, and  it is a snooooze. Seriously so so so snooozy. I feel like after I play it I wake up and need brunch.
  • Some puzzle games aren’t for me– I am talking to you Anti-Chamber. You make me feel so dumb and I need to be constantly reminded that the counter doesn’t matter. Fine I won’t blow up or become anti-matter (see what I did there?!) but you make me feel stupid if I can’t complete your labyrinth of fuck all in the time allotted. And you are all fancy being 8 color centered. We designed this game in MS Paint which makes us so indie special. Grrr. I hate being dumb. Iz are not dumb.
  • Mass Effect
    • I chose to be a girl. Dur. And my name is Trixie Shepard
    • I had a cut scene disorient and scare the fuck out of me.
    • I had a point where I thought my team was dead and I was dying so instead of dying like a little bitch, I ran up to the creatures and shot them in the face. I ended up surviving and I guess my teammates have some sort of Vampire Diaries spell on them so they came back too!  It confirmed my realization–  I really am not good at stealth. Plus playing on stupider than a monkey-mode makes it easy to shoot people in the face.
    • Rogue Spectre is my new stripper name. And he really needs to check himself. I didn’t MEAN to fall into that beacon. It just happened so now you want to kill my pretty ass (it really is pretty) well then I am just going to run up and shoot you in the face when I meet you face to face.



  • Ellie Goulding makes me so happy. When her songs come on I smile and feel good. And look she is so beautiful too:
  • MIKA‘s Popular song which I included in the latest Vivi tells you, has been in my head non-stop.
  • You should all be listening to Iggy Azalea. She has some great dance music.
  • To calm my nerves I have been listening to “I Am a God” by Kanye West and “Come on a Cone” by Nicki Minaj.

White Girl Moments:

  • Mmm gingerbread latte from Starbucks. In a red cup too!!
  • Acquired an Otterbox iPhone case since I can’t be trusted with the nice pretty thin ones. It is still pretty though and tough as fuck.
  • I turned up Demi Lovato on my Songza playlist. And sang Taylor Swift songs loudly.
  • Got my Ipsy bag for November:  Two eyeliners, nail polish, bronzer, lip crayon and mud mask. Really excited to try bronzer for the first time.

Random moments:

  • Discovered I can save the world from diseases while drunk.
  • Read this awesome Batman FanFiction (there is pictures)
  • Nanowrimo Novel is going good story-wise but  slow word count wise. However  I am proud of what I have done so far. So if I don’t meet the 50,000 goal, I will still be happy.
  • My thugcat needs this for Christmas. For reasons not to take over the world, she swearz:
  • I got the dress I mentioned last week and I don’t like it that much on me,  I feel a bit swallowed by the dress. I will probably return it and get something else. Slightly sad about it but it is just a dress after all.
  • Caught up on TableTop episodes I missed which included one on Takenoko. You get to control a PANDA. See I get to make that cute blob of fur do my bidding. Muahahahahhaahhaha
  • I watch so many YouTube shows now  it is unreal. I hardly watch regular TV shows nowadays.


  • Finished Mortal Instruments City of Fallen Angels. It was interesting overall but the personal relationship drama was so annoying. Omg I am complaining about the relationship drama in a TEEN novel. Just shoot me now. Next I will wonder why they don’t go to bed at reasonable hours or why they play their music so loud.
  • Andreaboo gifted me the Smitten Kitchen Cookbook. It has a recipe for maple bacon biscuits and a savory shortcake with Tomatoes. Basically I am there for the biscuits recipes.
  • Bought the The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay for myself to read next.
  • Next as in after this book which is supposed to have hot sex scenes.
  • Finished Astonishing X-Men Vol 1 written by Joss Whedon. It is so good—I have some other X-Men single issues that I was reading but I like this set so much more in art and in the writing. Whedon is good at making it his own story but also in line with the X-Men cannon (well what I know). I am becoming such a comic book geek now. Squee.

YouTube (this week’s playlist includes):

  • Kanye West surprise performance at the Odd Future Carnival.
  • My white girl powers gets bands I like to sing Drake songs. Will I ever stop this power? Probably not.
  • Adorable geek girl talking about the best comics for Doctor Who Fan.
  • Wes Anderson did a short film for Prada set in 1950s Italy. As you do.
  • Experience the humor of Simon Amstell on this set he did on Letterman
  • When I grow up I want to be M.I.A. mixed with Florence (no Machine).
  • The trailer for Noah. I wanna see this movie but my better judgement, Andreaboo, says I will hate the movie. I think he is right.
  • Watch the creepiest video to get you to grow a mustache or donate money to make sure dudes don’t get g-spot cancer.
  • Rhys Darby has a Nerdist YouTube show and it is every bit hilarious and out there as you’d expect. I figure most of you don’t know him but check it. Just give in to whimsy.
  • From Never Mind the Buzzcocks, I found out that the Osmonds have a heavy rockish song. It evokes early Sabbath and has some bite to it.
  • Mmm hot gay guys dating show.
  • Doctor Who 50th Anniversary mini-episode. Geek Girl Squee!!

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