Random Vivi Facts

Circulating around Facebook is this trend of sharing a random set of facts about yourself. The people who comment get assigned a number and then they have to do their own set of random facts. Some people go silly or more thoughtful but most try to list items that most people won’t know.  I acquired a number via this “game” and because I need to do a blog post, here you go. Hopefully you Facebook people are reading it and will enjoy my “facts”.  I included pictures for all of them!!!!  I am doing more than my allotted five because I am going to break the rules of this game all the ways possible and to allow for more pictures.

  1. When I was a kid I had a cat named Dirtbag who would bite my feet during the night and chase me around the house.

    I think the 5-year old me would have done a better job
  2. I don’t know the pattern but I need certain things in my life clustered in groups of threes. Pearl fashion bracelets I wear, there has to be at least three of them. Decorations on my entertainment center has to be in threes. Even our decorative trees for Christmas have to be in threes. If it is less than three I get extremely tense and anxious.
  3. I hate inflatables. They creep me the fuck out. Even balloons.
  4. I have accepted Jesus Christ into my heart no less than 3 times and it still hasn’t stuck.
  5. I hate wearing socks and try to wear them as little as possible. This does does not stop me from owning about 12 pairs of argyle socks:
  6. The summer after I turned eleven I watched Dirty Dancing every day.
  7. Never broken a bone in my body or had an extensive visit at the hospital
  8. When I was a kid I had recurring dreams of my visiting my dying grandfather (who I never met).
  9. I lost my first tooth playing hot potato with a plastic cup from Chuck-E-Cheese

    Hot Potatouch!
    Hot Potatouch!
  10. My favorite drink is sparkling mineral water.
  11. Started bleaching my hair when I was 13 as my hair was turning from dirty blonde to the brown my hair would eventually be. This means I have never seen my natural hair color except when my roots grow in.
  12. I love buying journals, stationery, postcards and pens even if I never use them. I love the idea of writing on crisp paper with smooth flowing pens.
  13. If I sleep partially or fully naked I have to have a set of clothes with in arms reach. In case there is an emergency and I need to run out of the house quickly.
    I think my 5 year old self would have drawn  it better.

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