White People Everywhere (or Vivi Tells You What to Listen to, pt 56)


I attended two concerts in three days which seems like a first for me (fuzzy memories). I thought it would be harsh on my old body but we will see how the rest of this busy week plays out (update: It is about 3 hours from when I wrote that sentence and I am sooooooooooooooo tired).

Last night, at the second concert, I thought of the image above and chuckled because its funny. As you do when you see funny things. I realized that both of these concerts were about 96% white people. I am going to make some observations for you and they may be humorous. Not spit-up funny, so you can keep on drinking that beverage.

I have experienced two different subsets of white people and identified at least three white people dance moves.

The subsets  are:  “here to have fun and may wear a silly hat to indicate as such group” and “I may or may not enjoy this group but I will not indicate positive emotion because I might spill my PBR group”.

The dance moves I observed were the:

  • Slow Carlton
  • Standing super still except the light bobbing of the head
  • Post-post-punk jump but a bit slower because I am not a “mosh person”

Now for some reviewage. I know you are all waiting with so much excitement that you might pee your pants.

Yacht Rock Revue

If you are thinking what I am thinking then yes:  Like Yachts? check. Love Rock? Check. Looove Revues (and Reviews  🙂 )? check.  Are you now waiting for me to drop the proverbial shoe that should really be re-sized if it is fitted so improperly?  Because I won’t since  the concert was spectacular and fun fun fun. It is the first cover band that I purposefully saw and I was so glad I did. I understand people’s apprehension for cover bands and the reluctance to pay for that type of experience but if it is done well, it is a great time. I love Yacht Rock songs so much and when you have a group of 7 talented people doing them with gusto fabulouso then you put Vivi in a happy mood. The sound was full and loud and great. I was dancing like a silly thing and lip-syncing along to everything. I went with my dad and realized that he didn’t like these song as much as I but we did both enjoy Brandy (You’re a Fine Girl). Good father-daughter relationships can be made over Looking Glass songs and the Have a Nice Day Collection.

The opener for this show was a local cover band called Geezer. They dress up as old Jewish men and primarily do covers of Weezer songs. Some of the Weezer songs are layered with other songs (e.g Lou Reed’s Wildside) and they also do some hippity hop songs reworked with the themes of an old man. I found it super fun and again realized my dad doesn’t like the new fangled music of my youth. Slow tear rolling down my face.


I realized it  difficult to explain this band to people who don’t know them. Not because they are such a strange band but because I am bad at describing things. Yet I like to write. Hmmmmmm.  Besides my bad describing skills their “genre” is  Synthpop and I feel that if you aren’t familiar with the band then you probably aren’t familiar with Synthpop. If you are lost,  some of their songs are included for reference below.
I have been going to concerts alone lately which was weird for my 1st show as this was my 3rd,  I am a hardened professional.  Though I realized that the hardest part about being alone is losing my choice spot when I have to go the restroom.  Then I am relegated to the floor to try to stand on my tippy-toes to see parts of the band’s heads. I am short and tall people are tall and destroy my view. Oh wells.
I love CHVRCHES debut album and have listened to it often but I found the live experience so much better.  The music becomes a three-dimensional being with the lights, fog, amplified beats and the beautiful singing. The dance factor was high during the show and  I  got that rush of happy contentment from the live music experience.  I hope that everyone who goes to concerts feels that same mix of joy and adrenaline from seeing songs you heard in your headphones now but are now live in your face.

The opening act for CHVRCHES was another synthpop group called BASECAMP (why do all these bands need to shout? It is loud for my old-timey ears). I like the music I heard on Spotify but when I  saw them live I found it boring. I don’t know what it was– they didn’t seem energized about performing. I felt like they were going through the motions but it could be me and I don’t want to be mean about it. So for me it was a tentative “NO” but I would see them live again (I just wouldn’t pay for it).  I feel with live music you should give an artist a couple of chances. People are allowed off nights.

The playlist will be embedded below (I learned a new trick from the This Week in Vivi) and will include the following songs to get you in the mood for Yacht Rock and learn more about the world of CHVRCHES

  1. Yacht Rock Revue- Brandy  
    It is much better in person but this gives you an indication of the fun times.
  2. Hall & Oates- You Make My Dreams Come True
    Best H&O song ever.
  3. Boz Scaggs- Lido Shuffle
    Liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiido whoa whoa aaaaaao
  4. The Bee Gees- Nights on Broadway
    On the Barry Gibb talk show!!!!!
  5. Toto- Africa
    I never felt so white than when I was with a bunch of other white people dancing and singing this song.
  6. Michael McDonald- I Keep Forgettin
    Yes the beat is familiar, Regulate
  7. Gerry Rafferty- Baker Street
  8. Geezer- Island/Blister in the Sun
  9. BASECAMP- Emmanuel
    I like this song and I honestly can’t tell you if they played it last night. Their singer has an amazing voice that works so well for this style of music.
  10. CHVRCHES- Recover
    I think this is my favorite song by them and favorite live for sho.
  11. CHVRCHES- Lies
    Live again. Experience it!
  12. Miami Horror ft. Sarah Chernoff- Real Slow
    What? How did this end up here? This great song is here? How? Oh I will listen to you good song. I like you song. You flow well after CHVRCHES.

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