This Week in Vivi- Week 5

  • I saw two Parks and Recreation episodes (and there is now two more in my DVR). It is the best comedy on television right now. Well not right now unless you happen to be watching episodes. Then GOY!!!
  • I binged hard on Never Mind the Buzzcocks. Like a lot a lot
  • Blog post on Random Things about me  and I did a concert themed Vivi Tells You.
  • Recorded an awesome Clusterpop where we talk about the concepts of art and Kanye
  • Played Cards Against Humanity and as always it was epic funcah
  • Played more Mass Effect and the Asshat got demoted and I got promoted!
  • My ThugCat is the Adoraboos
    photo 1
  • Went to see the Yacht Rock Revue with my dad and saw these teen/children’s bands before. It was great and adorable to see kids singing AC/DC and Jane’s Addiction.
  • One of my parent’s cats passed away this week.
  • AMC ordered a pilot of Preacher and I am not sure how I feel about it.
  • Reminder: Ne-Yo is hot and has some choice lyrics like-
    “And sex you all over the place” and I see you can see me watching you loving it.”
  • Got the Evening with Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer from Andreaboo and it is a huge warm velvety blanket that will be the core of the Comfort Fort.
    An Evening With Neil Gaiman & Amanda Palmer
  • Thought about learning make and bind your own journals. Decided against it but decided that I will make sure to invest in the things that allow me to be creative.
  • Saw CHVRCHES  live and it was mega-fun and I highly recommend seeing them live. It is such a better experience live than on the album and the album is really good.
  • Read bits of a couple books:
    This Is Your Brain on Music  – Super interesting and fun. For me it I have to be in the mood for reading it.
    Rarer Than Rubies  I finally got to the sex in this book and there wasn’t much foreplay. I am wondering if I do end up writing Slash Fiction if it will be for girls like me than gay men.
    Real Still have reservations about the book as a whole though the sexy parts/tension is hooot
  • In case you didn’t know, James Blunt is hot
  • Read Some Comics:
    Harley Quinn # 0-  An introductory issue to the world of Harley Quinn. Here she goes through different artists to find her own style for the upcoming issues. I enjoyed it muchly.
    harleySex Criminals #1- An interesting take on the couple criminals genre. Very adult and again I  enjoyed it muchly.
    scStar Trek The Next Generation /Doctor Who- Assimilation Vol 2- I got through part of this. I really love the story and there are some great Doctor Who/Star Trek TNG lines but the art work is very strange and not my favorite.
  • Maybe in the TMI area of the world- I had a hot dream last night where I had sex with a ladyfriend and I orgasmed. I have never reached that level of fulfillment in a sex dream and really not in any dreams ever. This is a big accomplishment for me subconsciously.
  • The lack of being a bear or having a bear in today’s video games is astounding. I haven’t been able to find one that wasn’t a MMORPG or Naughty Bear. This sucks and I want to be a bear now! Or have a bear and him and I go on epic adventures.

    Take my money now!!!
    Take my money now!!!
  • I get to see London Grammar in March 2014. It is far away but I am super excited already.
  • I obtained Bioshock 1 and 2 and Bioshock Infinite for $15. Now I have more reasons why I can’t write my Nanowrimo novel.
  • 10 years ago today I took my younger sister-in-law to see Blink 182. So that happened. Honestly it was my 2nd time seeing them and they weren’t the best during this show.
  • Ended up finally finding a dress for a holiday party. I got the most beautiful shoes to wear with it
  • I got this awesome Totoro soup bowl
    photo 2(1)
  • YouTube Funsies!!!
    • Would you lick me? I’d lick me? It putz the fishez in dez basket  or else it getz the clawsz againz.
    • Smash Brothers documentary (multi-parts). If you like the story of a video game and the people who play it, then you are welcome.
    • Just reminding you that Jeff Goldblum is one of the gentlest, slightly creepy, adorable men out there.
    • Squee Ellie Goulding being Ellie Goulding.
    • Kanye West’s video for Bound 2. I hope this is a joke otherwise he should get his money back from Pato Music World.
    • David Blane being creepymagoos with celebrities now.
    • Channing Tatum doing the Van Damme
    • Clip from my new British Panel Show, Would I Lie To You? I can’t stop!!
    • Speaking of can’t stopping another new British favorite, Alan Carr Chat Show. This one features Miley Cyrus but all clips are something amazing.
    • Rudimental covering Eminem and One Direction.
    • Another awesome Channing Tatum video.
    • Will Forte singing James Ingram.
    • The way White People Is

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