Vivi Tells You What to Listen To, Pt Doctor Who

Since Thanksgiving is tomorrow I will tell you the most non-people or pet related thing I am thankful for: Doctor Who.  And hey look they just celebrated a 50th anniversary this past weekend. What a coincidence!!!!!!!!!
Before I get to the Whoness, here is an awesome picture for Thanksgiving:
photo 4

I will gush some generalities about Doctor Who before I gush specific: I started following Doctor Who from the beginning. The beginning of the reboot. The beginning of the reboot when it started in America. So I was there before it got cool. Like bow ties. Anywhoooo (see what I did!!!!!!)- I fell in love from the beginning.  For me it was Sci-Fi I could get into- it wasn’t all space. There was the past! And the future. So you know all space and time.  Besides being cheeky and exciting it talks about the nature of humanity. That at the core of trying to do what seems to be the right thing, you often sacrifice others and how is this necessarily a good thing.  Also it is about never being afraid of adventure and exploration which for me it has made me explorery. But not in the evil Christopher Columbus way. Less disease spreading more gelato eating.

Even though I have Who’ed myself out (again! I am just so amazing), I am still giving you an awesome playlist. So if you are all blah blah stupid alien blah blah then you can listen to the playlist and get great songs.
I have tried my best to pair a song with some of my favorite episodes (in no particular order).

  • Shakespeare Code (The Smiths – Shakespeare’s Sister)
    This is the episode I use to introduce people to Doctor Who, if they say they don’t like “space stuff”.  It is fun , campy and silly.  This song has nothing to do with the episode except the name and it is by a British band. Did you know that the Smiths were British? Mind blown!!!!  Here is a bonus Shakespeare song that speaks true to the heart of all of us:
  • Blink (Chameleon Circuit- Blink)
    Most people’s favorite episode of Doctor Who. It is a perfect self-contained episode of Doctor Who that introduces one of the creepiest villians. It really is easy for people who know nothing of the Doctor to watch this episode since it focuses on a girl for the entire episode. It is one of my favorites too.   Chameleon Circuit put out a song that is about this episode and the song is pretty good too! Sometimes, that doesn’t happen. It did this time so enjoy.
  • The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances (Rufus Wainwright- If Love Were All)
    Captain Jack Harkness graces our screen with this episode and boy is he yummy fun. This is from the first series and the first pair of episodes that was really good at balancing the serious and lightheartedness. It also has a high creep factor which I enjoy. I love that Doctor Who has made me afraid of simple things we don’t normally look at , like stone statues or the dark (more later).
    I chose a sweet song that was more famously done by Judy Garland but Rufus does an amazing job with it. The Doctor Who episode was set in the 1940s so I felt this would fit.
  • Vincent and the Doctor (Athlete- Chances)
    Probably the sappiest Doctor Who episode and that is why I love it so much. Written by Richard Curtis (Love Actually, Notting Hill) it really strikes all my love organs (shush pervs) and makes me a weepy mess. But it is sooo good for me too.  Chances by Athlete is the song that is featured in the episode and it fits the tone of the episode so well. It is a beautiful song also.
  • Amy’s Choice (Passion Pit- Dreams)
    This a great mind fuck of an episode that addresses the issues of the companion’s life outside of the TARDIS. It stars the other Capote and the premise is navigated through a dream reality. A less scaryish Nightmare on Elm Street. Well maybe not but at least this doesn’t feature some ex-killer that is pissed that people did vigilante justice and now is haunting people who had nothing to do with the original crime. It just has other Capote being all cheeky and creepos. I found this great cover of Dreams by the Cranberries for you to enjoy as you are thinking of your dreams. Just don’t tell them to people because I hear it isn’t welcome.
  • The Doctor’s Wife (Tori Amos- Wednesday)
    Neil Gaiman wrote this episode. Seriously that should be enough for you to watch it. It really changes the nature of the show a bit while still not disrupting things too much. I love that. Tori seemed appropriate to play for this episode and this song has that jaunty fun that was in the episode.
  • Voyage of the Damned (Kylie Minogue- Can’t Get You Outta My Head)
    With this episode on the list I realize I like the fun episodes more than the rest. Well I like them all but the fun ones are more easy to rewatch.  This was the Christmas episode and starred Kylie Minogue. Now you know why I chose the song. There is nothing else to that. It has Allons-y Alonzo which is a perfect moment. Did I forget to mention Space Titanic? Yes Titanic in SPACE!
  • Utopia/Sound of the Drums/Last of the Time Lords (Scissor Sisters- I Can’t Decide)
    The Doctor has lots of recurring villains but one that happens every so often is his arch-nemesis . These three episodes are a great arc that shows his arch-nemesis and it is played so beautifully. Including a sequence of him performing to this song. Seriously good and interesting.
  • Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead (Roxy Music- In Every Dream Home a Heartache)
    These two episodes are probably my favorite episodes. It features my favorite companion (Donna) and introduces River Song. Oh and there is Vashu Nerada  – the things that go bump in the dark are real things to be scared of. It makes you afraid of the dark and of libraries that have gone abandoned (don’t abandon your library!). It also explores the idea of your dreams and what happens when it finally happens. This song has that haunting feel and talks about the home-life stuff. I am so intelligent!!!
  • Turn Left/Stolen Earth /Jouney’s End  (T. Rex – Mad Donna)
    More Donna! Did I forget to mention how much I love Donna (Catherine Tate)? No well here is more mush about this. This is a seriously weepy arc for the show and then squees if you have watched it from the beginning.  This song is a great song and mentions a Donna!  Sorry for the waning of this article I feel silly now. I promise these episodes are really good!
  • Love and Monsters (ELO -Mr. Blue Sky)
    I mostly included this for the song. The episode was a weaker episode of Doctor Who (it barely features the Doctor) but it does feature the music of ELO.  ELO that isn’t Xanadu based and they are really great songs. Mr. Blue Sky is the happiest song ever. I think grumpy cat might be less grumpy if she listened to this song.  If this doesn’t make you happy then – check yourself before you wreck yourself. Seriously you might need to see a doctor to get that checked.
  • Day of the Doctor (Original Theme Music)
    The 5oth anniversary special was really all I could dream. Though I didn’t really dream of how it would be. I just hoped it would be something special and meaningful to the Doctor Who fan and it was. It had enough nostalgia and also the balance of moving forward and changing the nature of the show. It makes me excited for the Christmas episode and the episodes in the future. Honestly I love Doctor Who but I was getting a bit lax in my care for new episodes. They were good but they didn’t wow me as episodes had done before. I wondered if it was the show or me but this episode changed all that for me. Knowing that the newest Doctor should be spectacular I am excited again. So I chose the original theme music which really is a great piece of music on its own.

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