This Week in Vivi- Week 6 and 7

Seriously late because of Thanksgiving and because of a cold.


  • Got a Ninjabread making kit. Christmas  has gotten sneaky this year.


  • Upgraded to Windows 8.1 after the hours it took to download it took an hour to install. With stupid little messages “like we will be with you shortly.” You won’t and you just gave me a start button that I already had before. You are a fucked up piece of shut your mouth.
  • Theory:  Geniuses that own cats become evil because of the cat. They are the ones that want world domination and have this power to transmit their power to the genius because of science. It is their only hope till evolution gives them thumbs.
  • Put up my Christmas decorations and regulated on Cinnamon to not bite the fucking decorations.
  • I got the cutest working train set for my desk at work:
    photo 3
  • Had a Hanukkah dinner for my Bestie and decorated the table cutely
    photo 1
  • Champers is my new favorite word. Apparently it is a way to say Champagne. I wanted to punch people who said it but I say it in an awesome way to make it okay.
  • Pardcastathon- Which was a funny 12 hours that generates monies for Smile Train. You can buy the full “thon” at That money will also go to Smile Train.


  • Doctor Who Day!!! It happened almost two weeks ago!!!  So you should read my Doctor Who post to learn more about my excitement. (Here is a hint. I was super excited!!)
  • Watched a whole season of Suits this week. It is super amazingly fun and the perfect light lawyer show. (Update: I made my way through part of season 2 and it insanely good. Better on top of a better show) Also it includes this piece of yummy man flesh


  • Family Guy killed Brian and I am kind of pissed. I don’t watch the show anymore so my opinion is super valid for this situation. Now i know why I don’t watch!!
  • Homeland is so frustrating because it has been shitty for most of the season and finally good for this one episode.
  • As I am writing this I am watching Sound of Music Live! With Carrie Underwood and it pains my soul so much because it isn’t what I love. Fine you get an average Maria but you switch things up and I cry. You couldn’t keep small things in like Gretel not knowing her whistle?  Grrr
  • I am backlogged on Glee and watched one episode and OMG they introduced a serious plot point and didn’t fuck it up. They didn’t make light of it or brush it off. I fucking hope they keep that up. The rest of the episode was painful as fuck but at least they have that. Also every episode needs 1000000% more Darren Criss.


  • Played Elder Sign and even got an expansion for the game. My new favorite character to play is Mandy Thompson because she gets to re-roll two dice since her boobs get in the way.
    Mandy Thompson
  • In Black Friday sales acquired Sonic Racing for the XBOX and Skyrim for the PC. There goes trying to do anything productive.
  • Speaking of productive and achieving goals— I finally (almost a year later) got Jigglypuff in Super Smash Brawl:


  • Started playing Zombie Dice. It is a great simple game.
    photo 4 (2)
  • My almost weekly Cards Against Humanity update (including day one of the Holiday Bullshit package):


  • I plan on trying to watch some Christmas movies and review them on this blog. Currently I am thinking of watching: Hudsucker Proxy,  Batman Returns, Arthur Christmas, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, and/or It’s A Wonderful Life.
  • Watched The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones on my sick day. I think it made me sicker.
  • Also saw The Raid: The Redemption which is a great kick punching movie. Violent, fast and epic
    • I love the van ride premise set-up thing. “So guys with the guns and extra padding. I want you to probably die soon because we don’t care to know your names but I feel like as a common courtesy I will tell you where we are going and why”.
    • I kind of hoped that they arrived at this huge building all prepared to restrain some people and go- “Clarence did you bring the zip ties? Clarence DID YOU BRING THE MOTHERFUCKING ZIP TIES? Fuck Clarence”
    • When I watch a movie like this I know the initial plan is going to go to shit. Otherwise there will not be a movie but I always kind of secretly hope that it will go fine and the movie will end. Or they will all just dance to “Wake Me Up Before You Go Go” for an hourish.
    • I was happy that when the punching finally did arrive there was bonus stabbing.
    • The main boss reminds me of Javier Bardem.


  • Tori Amos is coming out with a new album and tour. Color me excited. Color me Raspberry Swirl. (I kill myself with my hilarity)
  • Watched the AMAs and did a poignant post. It is what Chicken Soup for the Soul wishes it could be.
  • Current rotation is the  Yacht Rock Pandora station. I love Chicago so much now.


  • Comic Book: Mad Love—  It is the  Harley Quinn origin story based on the Batman Animated Series. It made my heart swell three times as big for Miss Quinn. The artwork is so classic comic pop art that it is now my phone lock screen:
  • Pretty Deadly is still epically great and I have determined that if you don’t like it you are a misogynist.
    photo 4 (1)
  • Sex Criminals– I really love this comic book series but it isn’t something I would recommend to everyone. It is heavy sexed (dur) and the quirkiness might be too much for some people. Crazy people but I happen to know some of those.
  • Andreaboo gave me Saga Volume 1 and a Green Lantern arc. Super excited to try both of those.
  • Finally read Alan Moore’s The Killing Joke. I have no idea why it took me so long to read this. I am going to devote a bit more time in another post.

White Girl Moments

  •  Love my Toms Shoes. They are mint green and crochet and seriously comfy.
  • Book:  Finished Real  by Katy Evans. -The book had some really great erotic scenes so much so my body couldn’t handle it. However I don’t think the subsequent books will be any good. I find these monogamous couple books with no other factors (vampires, crime, etc)  to cause drama are just boring on the follow up books.
  • Read Cosmo with Andreaboo. I had to buy it because it told me what people were saying behind my back (nothing because I am awesome- damn you Cosmo!)

    • Discovered that Andreaboo’s party anthem is Get Lucky and mine is We Can’t Stop. I know you are all excited about this information.
    • There was this suggestion for part of a sex game:

      I think you should swap the massage and fantasy telling around. I want my shoulders relaxed when I find out he wants me to change his diaper.
      I think you should swap the massage and fantasy telling around. I want my shoulders relaxed when I find out he wants me to change his diaper.
  • I now have this journal and so excited to fill in the Ryan Gosling journal to write in this:


I realize that this being almost two weeks old has some stuff that you probably have seen but if not then you are now caught up on the world. You are welcome.

  • The Bromance version of the Kanye West video for Bound.
  • SHERLOCK!!!!
  • Tracy Morgan being hilarious. It is about Thanksgiving but still awesome.
  • Best cover of Wrecking Ball
  • A 90s Vortex
  • Holiday Songs -Fallon style
  • My newest geek girl crush.
  • Funny. It helps to know that “Only Fools and Horses” is a tv show.
  • mmmmm it will make you gushy
  • Amazing SpiderMan 2 Trailer. OMMMMMMMG I am excited for May.

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