Vivi Tells You- Wrex the Halls

Merry Holidays y’all! I went to a concert to celebrate the holidays or gin. I don’t remember. I saw a lot of bands and had a great time and I will review my enjoyment of each band. This is not a statement of the band itself but my interpretation of the performance. So I am a non-committal wimp and I want to please everyone. There is no God only Zuul. That pleases everyone right? Here is a picture of a Christmas Bunny to distract you:

There will be a song from each band for reference.

J. Roddy Walston & The Business (Heavy Bells)

I showed up late and didn’t see them. The song I attached sounds good and  I love anyone who has the addition of “& the Business”.  So we will assume they were aces plus.

The Silent Comedy (Blood on the Rails)

Aces plus. It was great sitting down in my seat hearing this awesome music in my ears. I was revved, ramped, and ready to rock. They are local too so maybe I get to see them again and fully. Fun folk rock that is more on the rock than the folk portion.

Alt- J (Breezeblocks)

I like the song I linked well mostly. I did not like them live. At all. The vibration to my seat kicked in with this group and so I felt like I was “fingered to sleep”.  But holy Zuul fingers did people love this band. It made me feel kind of old that I didn’t have this same appreciation that the kids and pants ( the kid with glow stick light-em up pants) had. I was super sleepy while they were on and started imagining they were singing about their slightly used goat that they wanted to sell on Craigslist.

Arctic Monkeys (R U Mine?)

Phenomenal. I might admit I was wooed by the lead singer, Alex Turner. He had the sex rat pack presence to him all in the rocker outfit. I was in love and he is British (as is probably the rest of the band). They were so much fun and a great pick-me-up after sleep fingers. I would consider them the Franz Ferdinand you can enjoy. I want to love FF but end up dozing after a song or to but Arctic Monkeys do send the appropriate chills down your spine that a monkey or being in the arctic would cause.

Cage the Elephant (In One Ear)

This was my second time seeing them and i found their set even more energetic and tight as before. I defined it as a controlled chaos and while the music isn’t similar they had the Pixies-ish energy. Well it i really is driven by the lead singer that is fucking everywhere on and off the stage and the amazing distortion the band can generate. They are just so tight with the whole business it should be Cage, The Elephant and the motherfuckin business.  My favorite other thing to watch while they were on was the Professional Microphone Detangler. Cage or the Elephant (I STILL DON”T KNOW)  was running all around the stage and in the crowd and some dude came forth and detangled that shit. LIKE A BAWSE.

Vampire Weekend  (Step)

I don’t know if you have this common shared experience but this is a band I REALLY love. Like for serious. Totally. However I chose not to see them because I assumed they would be a snoozefest in concert (how I imagined at least one Alt-J fan felt. ADMIT IT) Guess what world? GUESSS!!!  I was wrong!  I learned the sad side of assuming- I missed out on a full concert where they probably played all my favorite songs instead of just some of my favorite songs.  Their sound was fuller and had more of the rock push that you needed for a live show. Like a pumped up Buddy Holly.  I will confess that my love was probably partially (just a wee bit) knowing most of the songs. But I got to sing “Lil Jon always tells the truth” along with thousands of other people. How many of you get to say the same?

Queens of the Stone Age ( The Grocery List song , AKA, Feel Good Hit of the Summer)

I just realized that is a pun song; that makes this group so much better right? Seriously they rocked HARRRD. The drummer who I don’t know  (like you do) was a work horse of awesome. The band was very high on the vibration which was great for me. I loved the sound they produced. I was just tired and didn’t know anything so I left early. Sorry.  I did realize that he lead singer has a Psycho-billy career he can fall back on if this whole thing doesn’t pan out. Plus he knows how to reel all the youngins in by asking if we are ready to “cut lose”. Even though I left early I highly recommend you see them live if you haven’t. You get to sing the Grocery List song with thousands of other people!

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