This Week in Vivi- Week 8

  • My current YouTube spiral is Daily Grace and You Deserve a Drink. So hilarious to me. Bonus: I love cocktails right now!
  • White Girl Moment: had the best sushi meal of my life- spicy crunchy roll, two different types of tuna nigri, and hot green tea
  • Frosty The Snowman (the song) rant: Often when the song is sung at the end they say “see you next year Frosty”.  I realized this isn’t as happy as it seems. He DIES every year by MELTING. Sure he gets to come back to life but where does his soul go in the meantime?  He only gets to live a couple months out of the year then he has to rely on strangers to assemble him correctly and not to put his nose where his ass is or Picasso the shit out of him. Poor Frosty

    What the fuck is he doing with the poor child? Is it dead?
    What the fuck is he doing with the poor child? Is it dead?
  • Pretended my cat was God, as you do. There is no God there is only Cinnamon. She left the mark of her wrath on me while kneading. This should be tagged – crazy cat lady moment.
  • I suffered watched three Power Rangers Christmas episodes and wrote a blog post about it.
  • YAY I now have 5 of the 12 Days of Holiday Bullshit from Cards Against Humanity
  • I dyed my hair brown ooh fancy pants McGee. All because I get to go to a fancy party at SeaWorld tonight.
  • Maybe TMI but I consider it a gift recommendation. I got a new vibrator the Lelo Siri and it is fantastic. I highly recommend getting it for your fellow ladyfriends. It is small enough to be able to use during couples play. Also it kind of looks like a fancy future computer mouse to not be so “hey look I am a vibrator”. It also doesn’t look like an animal because I really don’t need to cute this situation with a bunny or turtle.
    Lelo SIRI1_full
  • Painted my nails and fucked them up no less than 30 minutes of doing them. I am now calling myself Abe Chimp- Similar in intelligence to Abe Lincoln but then clumsy like a chimp.
  • I am re-watching Doctor Who from the beginning because this is what I do this time of the year. I realized one thing “don’t trust creatures stuck in a time rift. They will always lie to you especially playing on your attachment to the Time War.”
  • I won at drunk chess and drunk Trivial Pursuit.  Booohyeah!!
  • Studied Italian a bit this week. Io beve acqua.Well not at the moment. I ran out and too busy writing this to get more. Fetch Vivi some Acqua. Frizzante preferably.


  • Went to a local holiday concert called Wrex The Halls and wrote about this show on the bloggy blog.
  • I am going to see LADY GAGA in June of next year. SO SO EXCITED.
  • Beyonce released new album last night. She just straight up and dropped an album of 14 tracks and 17 videos for all of us to enjoy. She really is better than Jesus because she is giving us the Gold, Frankincense and Mur all at once. This is my favorite song on the album so far (Frank Ocean love heavy factor)


  • Kurt Braunohler – How Do I Land? : I laughed at it and found it good. It just wasn’t my favorite thing. I do love him a lot.
  • Anthony Jeselnik- Caligula:  Hilarious. It is super offensive so if you are weak about subjects then lets just move away from this but if you appreciate a well-crafted joke then this is perfect for you. His tone is the best for handling these types of jokes.
  • Walking the Room podcast: Listened to the two most recent and it is so great. It is a warm small pox blanket that I keep coming back to. Even though they don’t like nut pies, I still love them.
  • The Comedy Button: I honestly forgot about this one which I feel so bad that I did. It is another podcast that is consistently great and fun to listen to.


  • Books of Magic: A four part series written by Neil Gaiman. I really loved the story line but the artwork for most of the time bothered me. I learned I am an artwork girl with comics and if I don’t like that then the book wanes a bit for me. However if you are a story person with comics then read read this .
  • Saga: I finally started this series and OMG. It is so beautiful and the story is super excellent. You need to read read read this now.  If only for characters like this
  • Velvet: By Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting   I didn’t know Brubaker before this and I am now a fan. This is a great spy story with a bad ass chick in it. Only two issue in so easy to get started on this.
  • Another Amy Dallen vlog this one about a gift guide. I added at least a couple of things to my wishlist from this-
  • I discovered Neil Gaiman had a comic that I didn’t know about called Black Orchid. I can’t wait to read it.


  • Hilarious Daily Grace video with the German Party Pooper
  • Ron Burgandy and Robin Thicke sing a song
  • Hilarious rideshare
  • You Deserve a Drink makes an ode to Kanye
  • Key and Peele gold
  • Lorde has a new song. Listen now. Stop Beyonce and listen now.

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