This Week in Vivi- Week 9


  • I got to see a Penguin up close and realized that all Penguins seem to be saying “come at me bro” or “why you be frontin”. I don’t care what you have to say I am going to go slide in this pile of my own feces.
  • I looked adora-hot and realized that I can’t walk in heels very well.
  • I broke a martini glass without being drunk because I am a huge Abe Chimp.
  • Actual quote from my journal ” just pointed to my vagina and singed Its a party in the USA”
  • Played Pandemic with all the epidemic cards because I live hard yo.
  • I got so drunk on Sunday that my journal looks like insanity.
  • Fount an amazing Belgian Beer Bar in San Diego called Brabant
  • I ate too much sugar that I got a tummy ache


  • Saga: still loving the series immensely and need to catch up on the series. It really is one of the funnest and most interesting comics out there. It has humor, adventure, and whackamadoodles.
  • New Deadwardians: Another series I really love. I know it has a finite end and knowing that I am getting close to that is making me a bit sad.
  • Wrote an epic blog post about comic giving for Christmas
  • Pretty Deadly #3 is the best of all of them so far. I love this comic so much. The story seems confusing and lacking but the next issue clears things up and it just becomes richer with each issue. It is just hard waiting a month in between.
  • Batman Court of Owls Vol 1:  a good Batman story but I am not sure if I will read the next. I will finish volume 1 and will tell you all about it.
  • Discovered a good comic book store close by to a great brewery and I acquired this stash from it:
    photo 1


  • Participated in the San Diego Mixtape Society which had the theme of songs with a place in the name. It was a great time and learned I am not as intense about music as others. Well not as technical. My List
    Fairytale of New York- Billy Bragg and Florence
    Santa Monica- The Front Bottoms
    Santa Monica- Everclear
    The Curse of Millhaven- Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
    Breakfast in America- Supertramp
    The Night Chicago Died- Paper Lace
    LA Story- Sammy Adams
    Miami- Will Smith
    Ni**as in Paris- Jay Z and  Kanye West
    Rack City- Tyga
    Houstatlantavegas- Drake
    Party in the USA – The Barden Bellas (Pitch Perfect)
    Africa- Toto
    Killamangiro- Babyshambles
    Boulevard of Broken Dreams- Hanoi Rocks
    Life on Mars- David Bowie
  • Saw Icona Pop and they were megadancilicious. I wish more people were there to participate in that amazing show but their loss not mine.
  • Podcasts you should listen to this week: Indoor Kids with Troy Baker and the Doug Loves Movies 12 Guests of Christmas.


  • Homeland Finale: Never have I been so bored in a season finale of a show that is supposed to be suspenseful and exciting. The show has a premise of suspense and spy awesomeness which was all lost by this finale. We have a weeping pregnant woman who we have to care that she will keep the baby and not throw it into a dumpster. A man that should have died a season ago finally dies and instead of feeling sorrow as I would have 12 episodes earlier, I almost cheered.  Patinks does get to go to a great place in Greece that I want to be at right now. Even the dick we are supposed to hate seems reasonable and fair. The biggest cliffhanger for me is:  Will anyone remember to feed Chris?
  • Doctor Who Re-watch: First David Tennant episode- so much squee. Though I did tear up when Eccleston left.  😦  Also it looks so pretty on my tv.

    I still want this scarf
    I still want this scarf
  • Sandman is becoming a movie produced partially by Joseph Gordon-Levitt and he might be Morpheus. I am not sure how to fell about all of it. I will feel better if Neil Gaiman is signed on to write or at least consult on it.
  • Oscar movie season is quickly approaching and this is one the ones I want to see most:
  • John Oliver left the Daily Show which is sad but happy he gets to helm his own show on HBO. So I guess the definition of bittersweet.


  • Batman Christmas:
  • I wrote a blog post reviewing Jingle All the Way
  • Created and awesome Harley Quinn themed  gift pack for my Bestie.
  • Venom Christmas
  • I got an awesome Owl gift pack (with a Buddha) from my Bestie
  • No idea who these characters are Christmas:


  • Math Christmas!
  • 22 Jump Street. mmmmmmm Tatum
  • Mario Party insanity. If anyone wants to throw me a surprise Mario Party birthday party I wouldn’t oppose.
  • Star Wars Holiday Special is on YouTube. I haven’t seen it yet but putting it out here for you.
  • Joy from Civil Wars and some grunge dude sing a beautiful song
  • Internet Safety fun song!
  • American Girl store! With 100% more Ginger.
  • Lil Bub Yule Log. Fire Pussy!
  • WTF?

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