Vivi Tells You – The Morning After

Happy New Year!!!  Just go a head and translate that to your native tongue if it isn’t English. I am not even going to try to be multi-cultural. Not that I am insensitive, I  feel I am more insensitive by doing some fake shit that I learned from Google. And it will probably be wrong so I will look even more crazy. So there. Happy New Year.

Whether you are spending it at home, out on the proverbial town, or even in your Animal Crossing city plaza you may get drunk. Though make sure to BYOB to Animal Crossing those bitches give you a glass of cider way to fucking early. I had to drink that shit at 10am because you know mamas got to shovel for some fossils.

IF you do get drunk and have a hangover, I have created a list of gentle songs to ease you into the day. DRINK WATER is my one PSA for today. Also don’t drink and drive. People like their lives and cars. And I assume you like not wearing orange jumpsuits.

This list is composed of mostly songs that I love when I need a moment of calm and peace. I don’t have much commentary for anything and some of these are repeats but this list all together will help you tomorrow, if you need it.

1. Maureen McGovern- The Morning After

You woke up! Yay! Not being dead is good though you might think otherwise at the moment. Just remember that zombies smell and are dirty. You don’t want to be dirty. You want to be dirrrrrrrrty and boy were you last night. So you are awake and now will crawl into a pot of coffee.

2. Kings of Convenience- Peacetime Resistance

Yayya coffee!! Sitting on the couch and drinking slowly is good.

3. Jets to Brazil  – Sweet Avenue

Food! Hopefully you have some pretty thing who is willing to make you food. Even if it is Pepe at IHOP (FUCK YOU SuPErmAN FOR DESTROYING PANCAKE DREAMS FOR YOUR ZOD FETISH). Sorry for yelling. Continue pancakes.

4. Imogen Heap- Hide and Seek

Food coma has set in and now it is nap time. You have successfully managed food and being awake for a bit and now it is time for a nap.

5. Roxy Music- Avalon

Why is the sun so bright? You will lay in bed cuddled with your favorite fur thing- stuffed or alive.  Sitting upright is hard at the moment.

6. This Mortal Coil – Song to The Siren

You might have fell back asleep again. It is a two nap day.

7. Crowded House- Four Seasons In One Day

The sun is setting. That beast is evil and cruel. You can sit now and nurse a glass of water and take the aspirin you forgot earlier.

8. Telepopmusik- Ghost Girl

More water. People try to talk to you and you try to absorb into the couch and be some ghost like thing. If you don’t move, maybe they will think you are an actual ghost of your formerself.

9. Little Dragon- Twice

You are starting to feel like a human again. You attempt to visit your town in Animal Crossing with the sound off. Those bitches talk like they have nothing real to say. Pick some cherries and fish a bit to say you were productive.

10. The Temper Trap – The Sea Is Calling (acoustic)

Maybe it is time for some dinner and socializing with real people. Gently though. If anyone yells you will gently cut them with the knife in your hand. They will know why they have those scars.

11. The Church- Under the Milky Way

Ahh time for bed again. You survived the day!!! And now are snuggled in bed. Success!!!

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