Vivi Tells You What to Listen To- The Soundtrack

I have been working hard to watch as many probable Oscar nominated movies as I can. This way I can start rolling out the content when the nominations are announced.  Oooh you get to see my process which is still haphazard and a mess.   Seriously, you know  how hard it is to watch movies? Sitting on my couch and turning on the laptop. I have to use the mouse!  The horror! It affords me  less time to play Pokemon. Such the tragedy. My poor town of Soup is neglected. Well maybe they will learn to donate money for the fucking fountain that they all want rather than me getting stung by bees for cash. I feel like a whore.  😦

You are getting  a sneak peak into my thoughts on a movie I saw that might get nominated in the Foreign Language category. That is some clear ass message right.

Broken Circle Breakdown Soundtrack

Homework: Listen to this fantastical soundtrack. Here is a link on Spotify to listen to the whole shebang. There is also a fancy YouTube playlist at the bottom of this post.

You can buy it here on Amazon: The Broken Circle Breakdown (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

The soundtrack is integral to the beauty of this movie by amplifying and destroying our spirits with the scene with which they are connected.

Besides all the fancy mushy stuff it is a solid bluegrass album that doesn’t go too much into the twangapooloza. I am not a huge bluegrass fan. I try to be and then I get all bored with the plink twang plink.  However this album measured and balanced  in the plink twang plink and then there is a strong vocal component. I even really enjoy the instrumentals which for me is saying a lot.

This album is like a beautiful road that has opened in the era of Mumford and Sons, Civil Wars, Avett Brothers.  Which can been seen to take parts from the Chillbilly scene and mix it with a strong bluegrass theme and add a bit of the emotion and rawness of Once.

The majority of the songs (I think all of the ones with vocals) are American traditional or covers that are highlighted by the voices of the two main actors in this movie,  Johan Helednbergh and  Veerle Baetens.

I thought that my love for this album was because of the movie but while listening to it on Spotify, it does become a soundtrack that transcends the movie with which it is attached.

The one song from the album (which is in the playlist below) that pulls all my heart strings is  “If I Needed You”.  The song was originally sung by Townes Van Zandt but  Heldenberg and Baetens makes it this puddle of tears song. Not to be confused with Puddle of Mud which is actually shit, not mud.

I am going to stop gushing now to refrain from repeating myself too much.

I also recommend that you see this movie if you are able and then we can discuss it further when I post about it for the Oscars (I am assuming it will get nominated)

Here is a playlist that starts with the trailer and a selection of songs from the soundtrack.

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