This week in Vivi- Week 10

After a holiday and lazy hiatus, I am back!!   To not have everything on here be ancient as fuck, this is highlights from the last weekish.


  • I’ve been catching up on Archer to prepare for the new season starting next week.  Seriously is the funniest animated show out there. Here are some examples:
  • Watching season 3 of Sherlock.  No spoilers but they are super fun and I love them. When you see them I hope you do to. If you haven’t watched Sherlock yet, catch-up now. That show is on Netflix.
  • Community is back! You should all be watching this and catching up if you need.  Go now!
  • Cougar Town is also back. I love this show and find it super hilarious but I can see how this one isn’t for everyone. Be the best movie slut.
  • Another show that kicked back up after the new year is @Midnight.


  • I have been cramming and watching movies nominated for the Golden Globes and movies that will likely get Oscar nominations. I did this last year but started it right before the Oscars aired.  And again it is a fun experience that is pushing the barriers I set up for movies I will watch. I am forcing myself to go outside my movie comfort zone and learn more about the world.
  • Also learning more about movies and directors and appreciating things besides plot and characters and special effects.
  • Saw the Hobbit 2: Desolation of Smaugaloo–  It is better than part 1 and a good barrel of fun (pun intended). I feel bad for people who  wanted a Hobbit movie and not a prequel to Lord of the Rings. This one has 1000% more sexy dwarf and the new inclusion of BearMan. Oh and a girl elf because we needed it for reasons. And I have a problem that if you elf a dude up, I find him attractive. I call it the Goblin King Principle.
  • Great Gatsby (FINALLY)- Art Deco Gossip Girl is mah jam.  I love Baz Lhurmann (it took me a bit to get to liking him) and thought he did a great adaptation of the movie. There are so many layers and overarching themes to the book him focusing on a couple is perfect for me. There is no way to cover it all in a reasonable length movie. Tobey Maguire is perfect as Nick Carraway except in the voice over, which I didn’t enjoy.

White Girl Things/Random

  • NYE was me drunk on Mai Tais, almond champagne and gin. Yay living like I was 25. I woke up the next day and I was painfully 35.
  • For the new year, I am keeping a dinner journal to commit myself to cooking more and eating at home. Almost a week into this and I am doing good! Yayay
  • Went to Teavana and spent a ton on loose leaf tea to use in my new Tardis Tea Infuser.
  • Had to visit the Genius Bar at an Apple store to replace my iPhone. My phone was a petulant 3 year old and refused to go to sleep when I told it to.
  • I have been drinking sparkling mineral water with a twist of lime. Kill me now.
  • The grocery store that I buy all my produce, Sprouts, makes an amazing turkey sandwich.
  • It has been determined that my Thugcat needs this for reasons. You can get it here

Board/Video  Games

  • Batman: Gotham City Strategy game was one of my Christmas pressies. You get to be a villain and try to thwart Batman and rule Gotham. Mucho fun. I was Joker and lost to Two-Face- sadface. Or happy face. I am always happy. I am Joker.
  • Takenoko-  The favorite of my Christmas games. I get to control Pandas at my will. It is the cutest strategy game.
  • Ticket to Ride– still love this game and even more when I dominate my competition and spend 1/3 of the game just laying track for funsies.
  • Animal Crossing A New Leaf:
    •  I am sucked into this game. I wrote a post earlier in the week about my adventures in Soup.
    • I live in a town of ungrateful fucktards that want me to spend all of my money to build a fountain and have me also fetch them crap. They also give me crappy things like Hawaiian shirts, ugly tables, and fish tees. I get the message by the fish tee btw. Passive aggressive fuckers.
    • I finally had a creature tell me “maybe you should take a break.” Even my town-mates think I am spending too much time there.  I was on an island for hours just trying to fish. I am horrible at fishing. And catching bugs. You know the ways you make money.
  • Pokemon X/Y: The game were being cute isn’t good. It is Japanese! I do not understand.
    Also why does every person in town feel the need to talk about Pokemon 24/7?  Can’t their be another topic of conversation like hair styles or politics?  Nooo we get things like “I really love my Pokemon. I am only 12 and my mom sent me out to ‘catch them all’ right after New Daddy moved in. These Pokemon are my family now.  When I open the ball and it isn’t fight-time, they run away. I have to talk to them through the ball during quiet times. Just like visiting Old Daddy at penitentiaryland.”

    Don't runaway LuvDisc!
    Don’t runaway LuvDisc!
  • Zelda- A Link to a Whole New World : Or something like that. I have rejected Zelda on principle since the first game was annoying as fuck. Yes I am a baby and can’t do hard games. Yes I like my games to walk me through like I am an idiot at times.  This game is sooooooo much fun. I really am enjoying myself.
    It is a bit weird that you basically have Link humping everything in site but he is what a teen? Got to make the adventure fun for him.


  • Comedy Bang Bang: Listened to their best of 2013 and I highly recommend it. It is also a good way to get into this podcast if you have never listened to it. If you are like me and lapsed in listening, it was a great catch-up. Now I am ready to lapse for 2014!
    download (1)
  • Filmspotting– Movie binge equals  movie podcast listening  so I can make sure people are liking the right movies.  Their best of 2013 lists are great because they do touch on most of the expected movies but then throw in some proverbial curveballs.
  • Never Not Funny- They are moving to Earwolf and being free now. So you have no excuse not to listen to my favorite podcast ever. NONE.


  • League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (Alan Moore/Kevin O’Neill):  I read volume 1 (?)  and I really really enjoyed this comic. It is a good way for the Literary people to get into comics. Make them read this before they get all uppity.
  • New X-Men  (Grant Morrison/Frank Quitely): About a 1/3 into this one and I love this take on the X-Men. I just feel a bit sorry that whoever takes over X-Men also has to take over a fucking soap opera. Stop being uppity that someone slept with someone and just do your fucking mutant job.
  • Kelly Sue Deconnick- She writes for Pretty Deadly, Captain Marvel and Avengers Assemble. I have been following her tumblr and she is pretty much the best thing ever.
  • DC is doing Steampunk covers in February.  The one below is a Superman/Wonder Woman #5 variant by Dan Panosian.  More at the Nerdist.


  • I got two physical books!
    • S by JJ Abrams and Doug Dorst. It is a story written in the margins of a book along with additional little goodies to enhance the whole thing.
      download (2)
    • Wonderbook by Jeff VanderMeer. The best book about writing that I have ever owned. It is beautiful and incredibly useful. I am only 30 pages in and I have learned so much. Especially good if you want to write Sci-Fi or Fantasy but good for literary fiction also.
  • Reading Bingo Challenge done by Random House is a fun way to complete your 2014 reading goals.


  • A funny Muppets thing. You will watch it. You all are Muppet-Sheeple.
  • Final Fantasy dissection.
  • Good Indie song with Aubrey Plaza in the video.   Reminding us that she is awesome and that this happened:
  • Powerpuff song by Ringo Starr
  • Veronica Mars trailer. In case you are the last person to not see this.
  • Simpsons pays tribute to Miyazaki.
  • Really beautiful song I found on Facebook
  • My vocal boo, Sam Smith singing beautifully

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