Golden Globes 2014

This will be short for the following reasons:

A) you probably have read re-caps and I don’t think I have enough vision to make it that much different.

B) I am sick as a dog. Really are dogs that sick? They seem pretty happy to me and even when they are sick they are a bit mopey. I am not mopey. So I am as sick as a person with a moderately bad cold. There.

C) Reasons.

I have seen more of the nominated movies this year than I have for the past couple of years. However I wasn’t as invested in the winners/losers as I thought I would be. There are exceptions though. Always exceptions. Here are my notes and some pictures. You like pictures. I like pictures. So there are pictures.

  • Starting off shallow but Amy Poehler and Tina Fey looked so beautiful. They also had some wicked smart and funny jokes. They are the whole package I know them to be.
  • Jennifer Lawrence is doing her best T Swift surprised look at getting this award for American Hustle. Seriously woman you knew you were going to win. You know they love you. The fake-humble is old. Just move on. And seriously citing the mess that is I Heart Huckabees as a good movie and why you want to work with this director. Did you miss any of the background shit that was EVERYWHERE about how big of a dick David O. Russell was to work with. Also leaving this image here for reasons:
  • Channing Tatum mmmm
  • Y U taking away my Naomi Watts side-boob graphics person?  I am totally in favor of the side-boob dresses.
  • I realized it is called U2 because we know Bono and Edge but not the other two or as they are collectively known : U2 get over here and lets do a show.
  • I understand that you needed to nominate other people in this category but seriously get on with it and just give the award to Bryan Cranston.
  • I swear they made the distance from the tables to the stage so long to allow everyone to get their FitBit steps in for the day.
  • I love Aaron Paul to pieces and him ending the BB acceptance speech with “Yeah Bitch” was fun. However, I am afraid that in 10 years he will be touring Cons signing things “Yeah bitch / Yours, Aaron Paul” for $20 each.
  • Dear God Puff Daddy (or whatever we are calling him now) mentioning how he met the composer of All is Lost on a boat in St. Bartz.  Here are some hashtags for you: #brag #nothumble #itsallinthetiming.
    Kind of happy the guy who played the Somali Pirate in Captain Phillips didn’t win and get someone recognizing him from that time they rode the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at EuroDisney.
  • Amy Adams winning and more David O. Russell love. This time about him writing good women characters. Just going on Silver Linings Playbook and American Hustle– Women are crazy messes that can only be subdued by men and live and die by the praise they get from men. So suuuure. The princess you played in Enchanted was more empowered than your role in American Hustle.
  • TIL if I write music I might get hugs from Idris Elba:
  • Jordan Catalano won an award and was annoying as I thought he would be. Shut it.
  • I am seriously happy that Spike Jonze won for Her. It was the best movie I have seen in the last couple of years. Well new movie. Not old movie that I didn’t see when I should have seen.  And it was written beautifully.  Joaquin and Scarlett really made the words sing  but they were there from Jonze. Yayayyyay
  • So Brooklyn 99 won a couple of awards and while I am happy for them and I haven’t seen the show to tell you if it is deserved or not. Since it is so new and doesn’t even have a full season to judge on, I am sad that Parks and Recreation didn’t get enough love.
  • However, Amy Poehler did win for Parks and Recreation which is so amazacraze!
  • Now is the time in the show were we need a children’s singalong from Diane Keaton about friendship.
  • Italy won for best foreigner. I will let you know soon if this is warranted or not. (Behind on my foreigners)
  • Leonardo DiCaprio won a Golden Globe because he will never win an Oscar (though he does deserve one).  He was really humble and nice. And kind of yummy:
  • Matthew McConaughey won for Dallas Buyers Club and I am assuming it is well deserved (I haven’t seen the film yet). He is super adorable and charming. I think he deserves all the love:
  • American Hustle won for best Musical/Comedy film which is super insane but people don’t have good taste. 12 Years a Slave won for best drama and I haven’t seen the movie yet but I assume it is good probably not as good as others but not insane that it won an award.

Leaving you all with this awesome image:




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