This Week in Vivi – Week 11

Comic Books

  • New X-Men Vol 1 and Vol 2 (Grant Morrison/Frank Quietly)- I finished both of these this week. Volume 1 started off strong for me and then fell into a pit of despair. Even the hot Jean Grey (why doesn’t she get a fancy name? Because she is the woman and is expected to stay home and cook people’s minds from far away?)  couldn’t make the mess hot. Then I stuck with it (because I was forced to) and looooved Volume 2. So if you like X-Men more than I which you probably do, read this run of the comic.
  • I talked about Kelly Sue Deconnick last week and here is a link to the announcement about her new comic book called Bitch Planet. It is grind-house  in a comic book form. Squeek.
  • Sex Criminals #4–  I am really enjoying this comic book series. It is one of those comic books where you need to pay attention to every panel. There are these little additions in the art that make the experience so much more fun. Bonus- A funny skit and interview with the creators:
  • Ms Marvel (Adrian Alphona / G. Willow Wilson)- It is coming out in February and if this page is indicative then I am soooo excited for it.
  • Guardians of the Galaxy (Brian Michael Bendis/Steve McNiven)- I read the volume 1 of the most recent run of this comic. I  read it to know more about these characters before the movie comes out this year. This is the funniest comic book I have read probably and I love all the Guardians. My favorites are Rocket Racoon and Groot. They are both epic badasses and my new heroes. I want Rocket Racoon to appear in every comic book now.
  • Got two new comics to start: Nextwave (Warren Ellis/Stuart Immonen) and Locke and Key (Joe Hill/Gabriel Rodriguez). Excited for both and for expanding my comic book edumacation.


  • American Gods by Neil Gaiman- Since Andreaboo is reading the book for the first time, I decided to do a re-read. I purchased it for the Kindle and got the 10th anniversary edition. I forgot enough of the book that I am devouring it like a forgotten meal. It is still so amazing.


  • Oscar Nominations came out this week and I wasn’t super surprised and happy that it was mostly predictable. That means that my pre-watching was for good and I don’t have much else to watch (except documentaries).
  • One “snubbed” movie that I watched was Lee Daniel’s The Butler. Here is my quick review:
    I found it boring. I feel like it was a hapazard trip through the plight of black people for the last 100 years. Forrest Whitaker was amazing in the role but I felt that everything happening around him was so cursory. I feel like they wanted more poignancy to the history surrounding “the Butler” but they didn’t do a good job.The actors playing almost all of the presidents was painful and uncessary. They were bad characterizations and took away the focus of the film. It is notable actors doing something to say they did a good thing (cough Brad Pitt cough). It just takes away from whatever effect they were trying to achieve for the movie as a whole.
  • Another “snubbed” movie was Inside Llewyn Davis.  More reviews from me!!The music really frames and makes this movie. I think if the music and the cat weren’t there I probably wouldn’t have enjoyed this character study of a movie. It is humorous and kind of depressive.And the cat. I am pissed the cat didn’t get a supporting nomination. If you like the Coen brothers then you will like this movie. If you like good music but need more of a plot, listen to the soundtrack. If you like cats and folk music, do I have a movie for you.
    It is animal cruelity  that there are no Oscars for cats. I am doing my best work here.
    It is animal cruelity that there are no Oscars for cats. I am doing my best work here.


White Girl or Vivi Things

  • I had bad hummus and that made me sad. It also evolved to me stating that I could eat hummus all day. Sigh

    Get in my belly!
    Get in my belly!
  • I have been cooking a ton more and made this amazing chocolate banana french toast. Recipe here.
  • Got a cold  that I am still suffering from. Bew that noise.
  • Twilight re-watch in  effect. I have seen Twilight and most of New Moon so far.  I want to hate myself for liking it and then Anna Kendrick shows up on my screen and I know I done well.
  • January Ipsy Bag of which I didn’t take a picture. This week has been a blur.  Mine contained some face scrub, moisturizer and lip pencil.  This is what the bag looks like.


  • Had a fun game night of Ticket to Ride, Forbidden Island, Zombie Dice.
  • Created new cards in We Didn’t Playtest This At All. I created a Bon Jovi card where you need to sing parts of Bon Jovi songs to not lose.

Way too much Animal Crossing : A New Leaf.  I now have two blue creatures (I think they are both squirrels) in love with me and I am fishing like a champ. I bought some artwork, procured a monocle and build a street lamp for the town.

I look so fancy
I look so fancy


  • Sherlock – not spoiling but the season finale was interesting and brought up lots of questions and discussion.
  • Girls – I don’t know what to do with this show. I hate the characters of which I am expected. I love hate this show to the point I wonder why I watch it. I feel like I got too much Lena Dunham quotes in my head to be able to handle a show that isn’t good for women at all. If it is just an exploration of young twentysomethings in NYC, that is fine but I feel like there is this extra layer of feminism that was painted on this show. But when the show is in practice the only characters that are empowered we are expected to hate more than the rest. Maybe I am projecting too much. I don’t know.
  • The Good Wife – Another show where I now don’t care for most of the characters and I want to like them. I feel it will turn around soon and I will go back to loving it hard core. Still miles above any other drama on television.
  • Downton Abbey– Another show to add to the “why am I watching this?” pile. I realize I watch it and then if I were to tell someone what happened. I would be all –Well they had dinner but one of the servants didn’t know how to serve properly and there was this whole thing about a woman learning how the farms work. That is about it. I watched this show for an hour that was it.


  • A couple of days ago I got tagged in this thing to list “10 albums that have stayed with you”  I forgot about it and I will probably do it on Facebook too but I am putting it here so I don’t lose it:
    Les Miserables Symphonic Cast Recording
    Tori Amos- Under the Pink
    Disclosure- Settle
    Prince- Purple Rain
    Imogen Heap- Speak for Yourself
    Kanye West- My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
    Damien Rice- O
    Morriseey- Kill Uncle
    Pulp – Different Class
    The Sundays- Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic


  • I am foregoing the list because I am lazy and tired and this blog has taken way too damn long. I do want you all to check out the new Grace Helbig channel if you haven’t yet. Subscribe and watch:

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