Obligatory Valentine’s Day Post

Another holiday that I am using to create something and hopefully amuse you. Like a clown. You are all clowns.
You might say: “Valentine’s day is a commercial holiday made by greeting card companies to sell stuff”

My response: fuck yo face.

I like this stupid holiday. I am very much weak to the woo and Valentine’s Day is all about the woo. I also woo back (so shut your faces).  I also love love and will spread it when I can (TWSS). I know all the crap you can throw at me and guess what? I DON’T CARE. Wow Bitter Vivi came a callin.

I  didn’t want this to be a exercise in debating the point of this holiday. It will be here in two days and some of you forgot to do things.  So in addition to that last minute bunch of wilted flowers and half-eaten chocolates, I present you with some card options.  You can make your own card and stick it to Hallmark.

I made some of these and stole some from websites. Warning:  I am not responsible for the actions that may arise when you give these cards to an actual hooman.

Vivi Original Designs:


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