This Week in Vivi- Love Week

It is Valentine’s Day so will tell you things I love in the categories I usually talk about. So mostly the same but using the holiday for my gain.  Simple enough? Lets go!


  • True Detective– The best show currently on TV. Torso. Watch.

    Got it from this awesome site:
    Got it from this awesome site:
  • Cougar Town– Hilarious and a show with running gags that doesn’t smack you in the face with them all the time. It is measured, quirky and fun.
  • Jeopardy– I don’t always watch this show but when I do I remember how much I love it. Sure it lets me know that I am still fairly smart but it is totes worth it for Trebek’s patented condescension.


  • Soup– My Animal Crossing town is the best and perfect (SUCK IT ARANCINO).  And I got flowers from my favorite villager. They love me. 🙂
    photo 3(1)
  • The word mouth. It sounds good coming out of peoples mouths.  🙂
  • Awesome Valentine’s Day surprise from my bestie
    photo 2(1)
  • Gin– I did my own gin tasting at home!
    photo 1
  • Comedian Ron Funches. I want to hang out with him all day, cuddle and make him laugh


  • Nothing new to speak of. Currently Loving:
    • Pete Seeger and other early Folk Music songs
    • Damien Rice’s -O : One of the most perfect albums (behind Purple Rain)
    • Pop Radio Station songs: One Direction- Story of My Life, anything by Lorde, and Fun- Some Nights
    • Sigh I am probably boring and old.


  • Watchmen (Moore/Gibbons)– still reading and still loving.
  • She Makes Comics– A Kickstarter I backed that will make a documentary that talks about the history of women in comic books.
  • The Strange Tale of Panorama Island (Suehrio Maruo)–  I just got this for Valentine’s Day and it is beautiful little thing to hold.
  • The Sky: The Art of Final Fantasy(Yoshitaka Amano)– another beautiful thing I was gifted. It is huge and amazing.
  • Bandette (Tobin/Cover) – Another gift and I love the art work in this so much . And it stars a chick. I am there.


  • Veronica Mars– I just got my tickets for opening day. Yayya.
    download (3)
  • Philomena– Charming and lovely. I want Judi Dench and Steve Coogan to do all the movies together: buddy cop, spies, superhero duo, etc.


  • Reggie Watts being awesome. So much love.
  • Nick Offerman again LOVE.
  • Hilarious commercial
  • Doctor Who!!!
  • New YouTube series I found  and included two choice samples.
  • Great cover of a great song


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