Vivi Tells you What to Listen to, Part now

I wanted to put now in all capital letters but realized that meant not what I think meant so whatevs. I am grump and surly.

1.  Babymetal- DokiDoki

I really don’t know how to explain this band. You should watch it at least for a good minute or two. You may want to turn it off because of the loud harsh noises coming out of your head. Actually in your ears and squishing around everywhere. Then the song turns to this cute J-Pop song.  It is real and not some weird thing. Well as real as it can be.

2.  Ginger Ninja- Hole in My Head

So you survived or thrived on the last song and now I give you this electro-pop beaut. Beaut. I love that word. My car she is a beaut. My cat she is a beaut. My mangled brother who lives in a dank basement is a…….. beast. Seriously. I don’t know how my parents created that. What kind of cruel trick of evolution allowed that to happen.
Oh speaking of evolution I had a strange thought process in the shower this morning. In California we are in a severe drought. I realize I am wasting water while having these thoughts. I realized we are close to the beach yet we have no water. Weird right? And it is because the ocean is salted and it isn’t good for our human bodies. It is like the Earth has evolved and created itself to preserve its oceans from land creatures. Just a thought.

3. Phantogram- Fall In Love

More electropop. With a new punctuation for the word! I wanted to hate them. I want to hate most electro-pop but then I cave. With certain bands. This sounds so definitive and not wishy-washy at all. Fuck it. This song is amazing and you will like it.

4. Langhorne Slim & The Law- Past Lives

You will start off this song going “been there done that” and if you stick with it then you will experience this raw emotion that comes out of performing a song well and with heart. It makes me happy so it will make you happy.

5. The Presidents of the United States of America- Poor Little Me

I love this band and they are worth the price of a ticket to see them live. This is a fun little song with a country angle. Ooh angling for country.  I will just be over here angling for fish. You do that right? I know nothing about killing innocent animals. That is wrong. When done by me. If others do it then mmmmmmmmm tasty meat.

6. American Authors- Trouble

I love this band more than I want to admit but then I do admit it. Fuck it. I like them a lot. I enjoy them and you can say what you want but they make me happy. Sigh defensive. You didn’t say anything. This is a great acoustic version of their song. Non-acoustic American Authors sounds like tolerable Imagine Dragons.

7. Foo Fighters – Walk

This past Sunday I attended the February session of the SanDiegoMixTapeSociety and it was lovely. We played Cards Against Humanity and talked about music and our choices for the theme. The theme was the one song you like from an artist you typically hate. This song and the next two fall into this category.
I realized I hate Foo Fighters fans more than the Foo themselves but I generally just find their songs boring. This song is the least boring of them all to me. Maybe I just dislike the Foo Fighters because everyone else likes them. It happens.

8. Jimi Hendrix- If 6 Was 9

I like the Tori Amos cover of this song better than the original but I do like the original fine enough. I am not denying that Jimi Hendrix was an amazing talent full of skills that I could never achieve. It just doesn’t speak to me. Maybe it will one day but today I am going to back and listen to my crack pop.

9. Avril Lavigne- Here’s To Never Growing Up

I am weak to this song. Like seriously weak. I will sing it at the top of my lungs and dance around like an idiot. If I start wearing too much eyeliner and teasing out my hair, just hit me. Hard. And then hit me again.

10. The Wallflowers- 6th Avenue Heartache

I thought I only liked one song by the Wallflowers (One Headlight) and I was resigned that I liked that song and wanted it to put it on my mixtape. Then I found this song and I really like it. I will probably try to listen to a full Wallflowers song by the end of the week.  I am only human and this song is grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat (RIP Tony the Tiger).

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