This Week In Vivi- Week 14

Books/Comic Books

  • Finished: Watchmen (Moore/Gibbons)– Amazingly good as a novel and graphic novel. Should be required reading for everyone.
  • Finished: Goldfinch by Donna Tartt– I don’t know if I would recommend this book to anyone. Is lengthy and I could see it being boring. I will admit I did skim certain sections but it had this story that was so compelling and given to me in small enticing pieces that I had to keep reading.
  • Acquired: Fantastic Four (Lee/Kirby)– So pretty! Other things to read before I can leap into this but I am excited. I know nothing of the FF.
  • Started: Thor (Lee/Kirby)– My first Stan Lee and my first Jack Kirby. I loooove Jack Kirby’s drawing style which is so intricate and gorgeous. I get a bit worn on the cheeky of Stan Lee but when he is sincere and serious it has this great language of purpose.
  • Acquired: Sif (DeConnick)– Eeek because of this tumblr I follow, I now want to learn more about the strong ladyfriend of Sif.


  • Wrote a new Vivi Tells You What to Listen To. Check It!
  • Fell in love with the new Phantogram album.
  • First Listen: David Bowie- The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars First reaction was much love and yayay. Second reaction- Why does this album title have to be so fucking long?  Also hate that it took me this long to delve past the singles and into Bowie’s albums.
  • Excited about the Bonaroo line-up even if I will not be there.
  • Tori Amos is coming to San Diego!!! Also releasing a new album called Unrepentant Geraldines. Eek


  • Fraiser- Sigh I don’t know why I am watching this. I don’t find it funny, only slightly amusing.
  • Dave Foley:Relatively Well  – I love Dave Foley and I think that drove much of my like for this special. Otherwise I found it too much on the expressing opinions than telling jokes. Though I laughed hard a couple of times.
  • Greg Fitzsimmons: Life on Stage– Had some jokes that overlapped with the Dave Foley special which made me ponder why these topics are in everyone’s head. There was no stealing of jokes just the natural progression of people coming to similar ideas. Is it limited to comedians or is there some doctor or dock worker also coming to these same type of thoughts? But not making them as funny?
    Oh his special? Super sharp and mean but in the good way. I love his humor and his style. Even when talking about mundane “comedian” topics he makes them have such bite.
  • Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain– He has great presence and showmanship. He tells jokes with style and it is that style that drives most of the laughs. I found it waning a bit at the end but it was probably more me than him. I found the 20 min setup to the stand-up awkward and unnecessary but I know it was shown in theaters so probably needed for the theater release.


  • Had a lovely board game day/night with another couple.
    • I got to try Star Trek Catan of which I lost.
      photo 1(1)
    • Takenoko (I won!)
      photo 3(2)
    • Carcassonne– I lost but it was so much fun. That I will now own this game soon. Eeek!!
    • I also got to hold this cute little Lemur that the couple’s daughter let me borrow.
      photo 2(2)
  • Cards Against Humanity with a huge group of people at the San Diego MixTape society. Super fun and I may have one or tied. 
  • Animal Crossing (did you really think I would miss this?)
    • Visited Aika (aka the creepy dream town) and it was in fact , creepy.
    • Got the Cafe called Roost. It is pretentious but I love it.
    • New Villager, Mira. She  is the cutest bunny.


  • Received my February Ipsy bag and I am not sure about the purple lip gloss but I will give it a try.
    photo 4
  • Cooking: made pancakes from scratch (success!) and roast beef and cheese breakfast sammiches (success!!)
  • Caesar Salad with kale instead of romaine is surreal good.
  • Exfoliated my face with brown sugar scrub and my face feels awesome.
  • Saw Brian Regan live and it wasn’t as good as I hoped. I also fell asleep. Maybe it was me.
  • Had a lovely three day weekend that was busy and felt relaxing and non-stressful too!


  • Street Fighter is funny too!
  • Guardians of Galaxy! Groooooooooooooot!
  • Disclosure and Lorde. Vivi melt
  • Kids say the darnedest things when given lines.
  • David Tennant and Catherine Tate being amazing as always.
  • Best song in the world done hilariously by Jimmy Fallon

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