Oscar Watch 2014: Best Picture

Starting off big here. I wanted to do some cute gimmick and then I get to 12 Years a Slave and stop and think for a moment. Damn you consciousness!!!!! Grrrrrrrrr. Since I am original doing a pro/con list like last year. And lets hope I do more posts later this week. No promises. Life is craaay.

The movies are listed in the order I enjoyed them: best to worst. Towards the end it really is a toss up.  The only set films are Her at the top and American Hustle in a gutter.  Enjoy!!


-I love it so much I want to marry it seriously. It made me cry and feel sweet love joy.
-The movie has a tonal effect that is so resonating with colors, decor, etc that it makes you focus and pay attention to the story.
-Setting is just different enough to not automatically associate it with 2014 but not so far advance for you to have to learn how this society is structured.
-Joaquin Phoenix is phenomenal.
-Chris Pratt


bite me


-space is scary!
-space is terrifying
-space has George Clooney floating!
-more space. It is a movie in space. Not on a space station, or on a planet but mostly in FUCKING SPACE.

-wah wah sob story to make my space terror worth it because just being terrified for being terrified is impossible.


-Pretty much Judi Dench and Steve Coogan together. They need to do all types of buddy movies together: cop, heist, struggling clowns, SPACE. Whatever they need to do it.
-Story super interesting

-Probably a bit too sappy but I think the Best Picture nominees needs at least one sapfest.

Wolf of Wall Street

-Leonardo DiCaprio sold the the movie to us, literally. He is what drives us to watch it and keep watching it.
-The amazing shots done by Scorsese

-titties. After a while you are “I get it, titties”. It is like the kid that just learned to masturbate. Your head has to chafe at some point.
-really long and probably too long.

Dallas Buyers Club

-I like AIDS. Scratch that. I like movies that talk about the AIDS epidemic and the different aspects of it (personal, research, political, etc).
-It was a different spin on the typical story of the AIDS patient.
-Great acting from Matthew Mcconaughey

-30 Seconds to Mars was fine as the drag queen. He is a good enough actor I don’t think it was outstanding. I just don’t think we should be rewarding the straight guy for wearing make-up when guys just do it because it is Tuesday. Especially when a 30 Seconds to Mars video is gayer than most drag shows.
-Jennifer Garner puss face.

Captain Phillips

-Insanely good acting (Barkhad Abdi and Tom Hanks especially)
-Great tension for a story most already know due to the amazing direction
-You should just watch it. It is on dvd/blu ray- no excuses.

-none. really just amazed that he didn’t become Captain Poopy Pants after the pirates boarded. I might have. Just saying.


-First Alexander Payne movie (is that a pro?)
-June Squibb is ma jam. Seriously she is so good in this.
-Watchable (1/2 pro)
-Will Forte!!!! Love him. He needs to do more serious things.

-I don’t understand the point of this. I do but then I get sad and don’t again.
-black and white (j/k I love the shit out of black and white movies)

12 years a slave

-great acting all around. I really enjoyed Fassbender. Well his acting not his character in the film. Seriously this movie is just a bunch of white people falling into holes while discussing it.
-For me it was a story that I had never heard of. An aspect of slavery I knew of but never fully conceptualize and for that I am thankful for this movie.

-narrative kind of scattered. I realized after the movie that these were singular moments pulled from the original source material. It didn’t convey that 12 years have passed that well. If the movie wasn’t titled 12 Years a Slave I would have thought it was 2-3 years a slave, tops.
-Don’t trust circus people no matter your race.
-Sarah Paulson constipation face.

American Hustle

-Amy Adams
-first hour is watchable
-science oven

-so many nods/rip-offs to Goodfellas without it being done well
-the plot made no sense and was everywhere
-more was spent into the hair budget than giving good direction where these actors should go.
-second hour makes this movie insufferable

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