Oscar Watch 2014- Over

Of course I had to cite a Drake song. I am a white girl after all. My tummy is full of all the sushi. Or so I told my cat “I ate all the fish”.  This is the mind state you get: a girl high on salmon and tuna.
Game plan- To Talk about some of the Oscar nominated movies I have seen then talk about the Oscars.
Estimated Time- as long as I damn feel. It also feels good to be gangsters. My gang’s currency is sushi. It doesn’t last long or there are smell issues.


The Square
Should I See this? Yes
Why? Because you probably think that everything is done and moving forward towards democracy in Egypt.
Bias? Yes and really on the more liberal rebels side. They did try to bring in the Islamic Fundamentialist perspective but it is very limited and not the most positive.  Just read a book, an article to get the rest of the idea.
Moral/Application for the World:  Modern day rebellions, the cultures in which they reform and the hard ass work that needs to be made for them to happen.

Dirty Wars
Should I See this? No
Why? Because smug assholes are smug assholes no matter how much their Aryan eyes glaze into you.
Bias? Yes. This reporter struggles to bring you the stories that you wouldn’t know otherwise. Did you know that? He suffers for you! He risks getting shot at and letting others get shot at so he can report the truth!!!
Moral/Application for the World:  There is no moral code in war as much as we want there to be. We will do the dirtiest things we can to protect our power. Especially when we think we are at wartime. So you know what the usual but with better weapons.

20 Feet from Stardom
Should I See this? Yes
Why? Because music is eternal and learning about musicians you didn’t know is happy-making.
Bias? Sure? Not really applicable.
Moral/Application for the World: Even if you are the most talented person, some times the world fucks you over from having the success you deserve.

Act of Killing
Should I See this? Yes
Why? Because I fucking said so. Also because you need to see how a genocide can start. There are many paths to the same types of atrocities but this is probably how most start. For profit, for power, for status. Not because of blind hatred. Also to see the inner-workings of evil.
Bias? Not really.
Moral/Application for the World:  People are seriously evil and fucked. I am not even talking about psychopaths just people like you and me. You and me! It hurts my hippie heart.


Broken Circle Breakdown
Should I See this? Yes
Why? At it is core it is a beautiful love song to music that happens to surround a love story.
Moral/Application for the World:  Bluegrass is everywhere. MERICA! 
While Watching I will need:
 huge box of kleenex.

Jagten (The hunt)
Should I See this? Yes
Why? Mads Mikkelsen is hot. He is also a great actor and as hard as this movie was to watch, it should be seen. Also features the Danish John Hodgman.
Moral/Application for the World:  People are insane assholes when it comes to children. Well they are just insane assholes. 
While Watching I will need:
  The will not to stab random people.

Moves with only Acting Nominations

Blue Jasmine
Should I See this? Yes
Great acting at the core telling a good story.  Also Louis CK. Cate Blanchett with Fraiser Voice.
Moral/Application for the World:  
Even when you are fucked your family will often be there. Until you fuck them too far. SO don’t fuck your family.  
While Watching I will need:
  An Hermes bag and the tally of movies/shows where Alec Baldwin plays a dick (I think it is all of them).

August Osage County
Should I See this? NO
Insufferable. I have a feeling the play it was based on was better this was just an exercise in trying my patience.  The only good thing was Julia Roberts but that is like finding a pearl in an ocean of dead smelly oysters.
Moral/Application for the World:  
Bitches be cra. We can’t all be happy. Seriously none of us can be happy. 
While Watching I will need:
  A wall to smash my head into.


Should I See this? Yes
One of the best animated movies probably ever. A tight and fun story with lots of good music, good messages and strong women !
Moral/Application for the World:
Let it Go! 
While Watching I will need:
Someone to snuggle.

The Croods
Should I See this? Sure?
It has some cute parts to it and it has the Madagascar 3 effect with animation (its so pretty). Simple story not the worst thing in the world. 
Moral/Application for the World:
 Fire good?
While Watching I will need:
A sloth that has a catchphrase. Or any cute animal. Thugcat is refusing to do any catchphrases. She is demanding more boxes and fish and lady I ain’t got no more boxes or fish.

The Oscars!!!

  • I disliked Ellen more right after seeing the show but listening to the podcast Battleship Pretension made me realize that she did a great job. She was personable and a good bridge between the “movie star” and the audience. I still think the pizza bit went a bit too long.
  • Jared Leto won. He did a good job in Dallas Buyers club but if you told me that Jordan fucking Catalano was going to win an Oscar, I would have asked if he knew how to spell it.
  • Lots of mmmm tonite: Channing Tatum, Chris Hemsworth, Anna Kendrick, Benedict Cumberbatch.
  • The movie montages were so fucking strange. One was on movie based on real life stories and To Kill a Mockingbird was featured. The other was on strong protagonists which was just a dick parade.
  • WHAT THE FUCK 20 Feet From Stardom won best documentary. It was a good interview based documentary but didn’t have the scope, artistry or content of Act of Killing. WHAT THE FUCK?
  • Of course the one foreign film I didn’t see (fine I only saw 2) won, The Great Beauty. I will watch it and review it for you all because.
  • Pink singing Somewhere Over the Rainbow was just weird. She has a fine voice but when you probably could get any singer in the world to perform this song,you choose her. And you don’t even let her do her twirly sky tricks.  Also both her and I were showing the same amount of titties during that performance and one of us was sitting on her couch at home.
  • In case you haven’t heard, John Travolta fucked up Idina Menzel’s name hard.  I hope to god or zuul or robochimps (whomever he prays to), that he has apologized and sent over the biggest care package to her.
  • I love Kevin Spacey. I still don’t want to watch him have sex but I do love him when he is on stage giving out awards. And acting. As long as it isn’t sex.
  • The awards that made me the happiest: Spike Jonze winning for Her. Her  is so good and it is that screenplay that rests at the core of the movie. The story that is so beautifully crafted and then executed that made it the movie I cherish so much.
    Alfonso Cuaron winning for best directing. Gravity really is the best directed move from this past year. He took this grand vision of being trapped in space and created these shots that were claustrophobic and then showing the fucking insane vastness of space. It was beautiful.
  • 12 Years A Slave won I guess this means six weeks without racism Right?

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