Dial H for Whiteout, Death Notes, and Fashion Beasts (aka comic tings)

I am not good at a lot of lady things and growing my nails is one of them For the first time in a while, I have a wee bit of growth on all of my nails (they will probably all break tomorrow) therefore typing this is very weird to me. It feels a different Vivi. Weird aside but i felt the need to share that with you all.

Expect more weird asides as I tell you about the fancy picture books I have read recently.

Whiteout, Vol 1


writer: Greg Rucka artist: Steve Lieber

You thought it was only a thing you use on typewriter mistakes.   For a second I wanted to buy a typewriter so I could write my great american novel and then I realized there is no spell check or backspace. Only whiteout. Fucking Whiteout. I don’t need dried jizim hands.
The book isn’t about  the liquid substance that is applied with a brush or pen mechanism or tape (technology!!!!!),  it is about snow. Lots of it and a feisty woman who is maintaining civility in the snow. Solving SNOW CRIMES (you wouldn’t understand but they try to make you understand). It is seriously fascinating learning about Antarctica. I am hoping they did research and so most of the stuff they say is true because I am going to use it in my many Antarctica talks.   The mystery is good and compelling and maybe a bit formulaic BUT SNOW CRIMES PEOPLE. If your favorite part of The Shining is the SNOW MAZE then you will love SNOW CRIMES the comic. I love the black and white art for this series. I can’t wait to read number 2 which means I will get to it,eventually. Let’s see I couldn’t wait to start the second of (the Invisibles, Sandman, Dial H, Transmetropolitan, Guardians of the Galaxy…)

Dial H, Vol 1


writer: China Mieville artist: Mateus Santoluco

Superhero acid?  An explosion of color? This is part of the new 52 series, whatever the fuck that means. I guess it is DC’s aim to be current.  I don’t wanna pick sides (I totes do) but seriously in the main DC line it is really anemic overall. Nothing is making me super excited to read and everything looks exactly the same.  Sadface.

Back to Dial H. It is China Mieville writing and Mateus Santoluco doing the artwork. It is a tamer Mieville but still crazy as fuck with  everything thrown at you and little to  no context or explanation. I feel like I got all of it but still felt missing some of it. This is my Mieville problem.  I loved it a lot but I wouldn’t recommend it to every one. I seriously love the artwork—- It is slick and dark but explosive with color and the characters are drawn with so much creativity.

The lettering for this comic is epic. Lots of eternal thoughts and different lettering for the big bad. It is really helpful to figure out the whole thing with panels that are full of images it helps to decipher the whole thing.

The premise is about a dumpy guy who when in a pickle he calls for help on a pay phone. Twist!!—- He becomes the help in the form of a series of characters that he becomes each time he dials. And each one is of varying use to the situations he encounters. Hi-jinks ensue and a whole new world is explained before your eyes. Seriously unique and fun.  Besides the fact it is a reboot of an earlier series but it will be unique to most.

Death Note, Vol 1


writer: Tsugumi Ohba artist: Takeshi Obata

Quick run down: Dude who is hella smart and hella assy finds a notebook that causes death. So he is an ass and does shit. Hijinks and death ensue.

This is a series I would put in the category of “totes fun”. I don’t know what it has for quality per se, it is more crack than substance. The art work is overall what you would expect from a Manga, however there are some great panels of the Shinigami.

If you haven’t read Manga before (like I was), this is a great gateway series.

Fashion Beast


writer: Alan Moore, Malcolm McLaren, Antony Johnson artist: Facundo Percio

Ooh look a self-contained book!! Miracles can happen!! Maybe I just like the number one because I am the most amazing thing in this world. I just was listening to a Little Jon song and he definitely doesn’t surpass me on awesome. More proof that I am number one.

This is a retelling of Beauty and the Beast. It was published last year or the year before (lazy) but it was written in the 80s when Moore was writing Watchmen so keep that in mind. Also keep in mind that it  is an adapted from screenplay. Someone took Moore’s screen play and fit it into the graphic novel format.  Knowing these things explains some of the disjointedness of the entire story.

Overall I really enjoyed the book . I found the artwork compelling and really crucial to the story since it is storyboard-ed out how a movie might.  There are layers to the story thematic wise and some areas that could be addressed in further detail that make this book not the perfect thing.



Pretty Deadly Vol 1


writer: Kelly Sue Deconnick  artist: Emma Rios

I have talked about this series at least a couple of times and on May 8th the first trade paperback will be released. I finished the story arc that comprises of this book and I highly recommend. The story serves as a creation myth for the universe at hand in a beautiful way. The writing is beautiful and the artwork is simply stunning. Emma Rios creates these gentle but brutal images that are colored in this warm palette of color. I love it so much and I want you all to read it.

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