My eyes have watched things and need to mention them

And none of them are atrocities of the interwebs. This is an unofficial part 2 of the extended this blah blah in Vivi. Which kind of sounds dirty.


TV Shows and YouTube videos. I haven’t seen any movies. That died quickly.



The best soap opera ever. It has the required drama and villains to mucky muck situations. It also has some real conversations between people that eliminate drama cause by miss-communication.  There is really great songs and music and all those cute accents. And boys. And girls. Lots of cute. I marathon-ed all the episodes that have aired so far for season 2.  If you want a light fun drama, then this is the best show their is. It isn’t Mad Men but that is okay.

Mad Men

Because it is back!!! My heart swoons to have it back on the air.  A little less than an hour each week to fall back in love with my literary show. A show so full of symbolism and subtleties that everyone picks up something new.  I love how these first two episodes have this almost hazy pace to them but still giving us so much rich character development. This show is an exploration of people dealing with a world that is changing faster than they are ready. Well except for Joan. Like a Motherfuckin Bawse she is always able to bring on change and make people bow down to her.  And Harry Hamlin (I will remember your name before this show has ended, I promise). He is also able to weather any conflicts that are thrown at him. He may be on the 60’s form of Valium. Which probably existed then. it isn’t the dark ages.

Game of Thrones

Fanfare!? It is also back. Things happen. People still walking. People still fucking for exposition. Rape?

Silicon Valley

New Show! New Show! People say it is geek Entourage and since I avoided that show, I am saying this one isn’t a geek anything. Except itself. You have aspiring techs living in a house to see what happens when people stop playing nice and start being real. Real World: Start-up edition.  For the serious, baby boo, let me talk to you- I find this show funny, interesting and so well done. I know little about this world and this seems so realistic. So much so that I will treat it as a documentary that happens to involve TJ Miller. Because I want TJ Miller in everything. He is now Pete Campbell in Mad Men. That would make the show that much better.


Mmm a man that knows how to cook!

Let me guess… you aren’t watching this show. Why? Did you not know that it existed? Well it does? Where Mad Men could be considered a rich novel of a show, this would be the beautiful grotesque painting that you can’t help but admire and love. For a show loosely based on source material that is many books long, it is so innovative. Bryan Fuller is one of the best show producers out there that has this unique vision and challenges the way television on the big networks should be made.



  • Haim cover Bey Bey (can I use that term?)
  • Let It Go but with the Roots
  • Happy but by Foxes. I wonder if a fox lives under that hat and that is why he wears it. So he can always have his pet with him.
  • Animal Crossing/Ice Cube mash-up you all have been waiting for. Still more bad ass than Are We There Yet? Pt 2 – The reckoning.
  • This is a French Song I heard when I was 15/16 only once that has been a recurring ear worm and because of Spotify, I have finally found it! Success!!
  • Cute British boy covers cute Scottish band.
  • Reason #1155454 why I love Pete Holmes. I seriously want to cuddle, watch movies and talk with him. He can at least get to 2nd base with me. What is that one again?
  • Because you should see this. I am not endorsing it but you should know this exists.
  • One of the best Billy on the Streets ever
  • This is the best Billy on the Street
  • You should have seen this by now but if not, here it is: Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen being super adoraboos.
  • The movie I want to see the most that isn’t a summer blockbuster.
  • Pete Holmes and Adam Scott- ovary overload.


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