May the 4th be with Rando de Mayo

Warning this post does not contain any Star Wars. I had a desire to watch the movies yesterday but didn’t search for them on tv nor do I own them so that ship sailed.

I have no idea why I titled the post this way, but I did. This post is all about random things that hopefully will trigger you to do something. And now I have that fucking Christina Aguilera/A Great Big World song in my head.

I am going to number things because that soothes my mind. The numbers mean nothing really.

  1. Sick day– I woke up sick today. Feverish and achy and so it is a day at home and full of lazy. Using my bit of energy to write this otherwise it will be a day of indulging in mindless entertainment. Do you have movies/tv shows that you watch more when you are sick? My current sick day movies are the Twilights (I know) and Pitch Perfect. They are entertaining and don’t require a ton of focus. Good for falling in and out of sleep.
  2. Chromecast-  I cannot speak highly of this little toggle enough. I am currently watching the Veronica Mars movie because of it. In high definition! It is a beautiful and simplistic thing.
  3. Hannibal (TV Show)–  Besides Mad Men, the best show currently airing on TV. The latest episode featured a dude who is popular (respectively for crazed killers) in the Hannibal-sphere which was epic. If you are squeamish then you may not be able to watch this but you know I don’t care. You should still watch it. It is art done in the blood of your enemies. YOUR ENEMIES. LET THEM BE VANQUISHED.  Not sure where I went there.
  4. Coloring– Inspired by a Reddit post I wanted to have a bunch of crayons and this week I was given some and two coloring books. More adult coloring books: Paisleys and Art Deco explosion. It makes me actualize the ways I am obsessive and precise and ordered. Some part of my life are a fucking mess but others are very coordinated. This is how the Vivi Magic do. Here is what I have done so far  (I have spent about 3 hours total working on all of this):
  5. Guillotine – One of my newest games and the most replayed of these games. A simple little game where you are killing members of the bad people in France during the revolution (they were bad, right?) for POINTS.  I highly recommend it: some strategy, some luck and super simple.

    Beer and cat for scale
    Beer and cat for scale
  6. Rat Queens– A beautiful little thing.  A fun fantasy featuring four bad ass women doing adventures! It has some depth beneath any snark they espouse.  I barreled through the first trade paperback in an hour. You really need to read this now. Often you can find the first issue for free on the Image or Comixology site.
  7. 100 Years of Solitude– Yes I know it is poor timing to start reading the works of Gabriel Garcia Marquez but here I am. I am about 80 pages into this book and I love it more than anything ever. It is beautiful and compelling and has this hazy magical tone that I love so much. I will probably gush more about it later.
    photo (3)
  8. Gifts– As I was writing this I got a gift package from Andreaboo that included the trade of Sex Criminals (you all have read it by now I am sure) and Kirby Triple Deluxe. So I expect most of my sick day will be filled with playing this new game. Report on this later.
    photo (2)


Hopefully this was enjoyable and don’t blame me if you get sick, this post has been scrubbed for viruses. hardy har har kplonk.

Oh and for encouragement:
photo 4

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