Vivi Tells You What to Listen To: Song of the Summer

Song of the Summer. The elusive goal that all aspiring and actual pop stars aim to achieve. Right? Or maybe this is something that the media (Am I media?) project on to people because we have nothing better to do? Why do I keep on asking questions? Who are we? What is the meaning of all this?

BBQs and cocktails with umbrellas. That is the meaning of all of this and guess what it is Memorial Day. America celebrates America with sunshine and puppy kisses. Don’t you wish you lived here? I bet your puppies don’t kiss you in your country.  BOOM SNAP

So lets analyze in short and quippy detail why these 11 songs should be the song of the summer.  We can figure out what the world wants this summer. How will we define our sunshine with song?

Who knows what our souls will be screaming? What will seep into our core and won’t let go? Let me know what you think and also when you are dead-ass tired from any of these songs.


1. Iggy Azalea- Fancy

I’ve mentioned this song before but it is still here and bigger than ever. You could say I am a trendsetter getting you all into Iggy Azalea before the masses were into her. You probably could also say that I am pretentious and one of “those” people. You could also say I am majestic as fuck because I am (TRUTH).

This song is catchy, danceable, perfect. I saw it live and it is even better. (NOT humbleBrag).

2. Ariana Grande ft Iggy Azalea- Problem

This is the dance-pop song but featuring the strong vocal and probably the 2nd most likely contender for SoS. The Mariah Carey song without Mariah. Sorry MC. A new girl with serious flirt eyes and an innocent look has popped up while you were off with Wild n Out.
I think this song is fun fun fun. It provides the good group of girls sing-a-long which makes it a strong contender.

3. Ed Sheeran- Sing

Can this not be the song? It is a perfectly fine song but I am already tired of it. I heard it all the time and I am already done with it.  He seems like a nice enough boy so I am happy that he is getting the popularity he deserves but I am tired of this song. Did I mention that I was tired of this song?
So Sing! It makes me sad because I keep on thinking this is a Justin Timberlake song but it isn’t.

4. Calvin Harris – Summer

One possible tactic is to use the name Summer to evoke the SoS gods to crown you early.  Calvin Harris is great at mixing the strong singular vocal with electronic instrumental breaks.  Like Avicii.  Will we ever know which came first the Calvin or the Avicii. I don’t think we ever will. There is no way to ever know. NONE.

5. Michael Jackson ft JT – Love Never Felt So Good

Will the dead rise to take the title? I should leave it at that but I might have other things to say. I good dance happy song. It makes you happy and you might not get tired of it. Yay? Plus Justin Timberlake. He is adoraboos.

6. 5 Seconds of Summer- She Looks So Perfect

Boy band? Check.  Summer in the name? Check. Talking about how girls are great?  Check. For a song having almost 30 million views most of you probably don’t know this song. But you will because you are listening to this now. It is catchy and fun enough.
Also prisoners twirling bar bells. Who doesn’t need more of that in their life?

7. Nico and Vinz- Am I Wrong

I saw this on some lists and put it on here. However when I heard the song I went “oh I know this song!”  Maybe it is me but the name of the song and artist isn’t catching in my head. If you are like me that is why this one may suffer. Otherwise it is  A)everywhere B) catchy C)perfect lazy fun song for being on the beach.

8. Pitbull- We Are One (Ole Ola)

The official World Cup 2014 anthem. You know about this right? If you are in the land of Puppy Kisses then you probably don’t know. And while you don’t have Puppy Kisses, rest of the world, you do have hot boys in shorts.  For sport! And it isn’t considered objectifying at all.  And you get pictures like this.


Maybe I will take back my Puppy Kisses. Hmmmm

The song is Pitbull- fun, slightly latin, dancy, not much else.  Perfect for the summer.

9. Nickel Creek – Hayloft

I just saw this band in concert and it was amazing. I knew very little by them before going to the concert and I am now a fan. This is my choice. It is about fucking in the hay, very summer. And shotguns which are really timeless when you think about it. Well timeless since they have been invented.  It really should be the song of the summer. Maybe it can be your song of the summer. Fuck the man. Just not in the hay because there will be shotguns. Nothing is worse than sticky hay.

10. Royksopp & Robyn – Do It Again

Robyn the leader in heavy electronic pop. And when you add Royksopp it is perfection. Because I totally know who Royksopp is and gush every time I try to spell that name.  This will be at every club. Including the Penguin Club. Just imagine it-  100s of penguins bobbing their little penguin bodies to this song. So listen to this song. Do it for the Penguins!

11. Tiesto ft Icona Pop – Lets Go

Added because I love Icona Pop and they need more traction. No other reason.


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