Check It- Voice to Melt

To melt what?  cheese? panties? butter? ice cream on a cold day?

In today’s “Check It”  you will learn about the magic that is Sam Smith.

A cute British boy that is rising to deserved popularity with his amazing voice who has a new album, In The Lonely Hour,  that is coming out in America in a couple of weeks (already available in UK – at least).

Therefore you need to listen and experience these songs and realize the magic that you are missing—

You may know Sam Smith from this amazing Disclosure song:


You might have seen Lay Me Down sung beautifully on his Saturday Night Live performance:


Stay with Me (one of my favorites) is starting to get radio play here in San Diego:


If you want something more upbeat, here he is with Money on My Mind:

Link to Facebook page for you to like:

I might be willing to accept that he isn’t “your thing” (flake) but you do need to share this post so everyone is exposed to this talent. It makes me super happy and that will make you super happy. Not because a sad Vivi is a Godzilla destroying your dreams ( I am not that mean) but because Happy Vivi is contagiously majestic as fuck.

Not-so-humblebrag:  I get to see Sam Smith at one of his sold-out shows in the UK because it happens to fall when I am going to visit London. EEEEEEEEEK

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