Check It- Psycho-Pass


Okay I’ll admit it would be cool if this was a show where  you could get a pass to be psychotic for just one day. Fuck some shit up.  Have a good time. No consequences. Oh that is that horrible movie the Purge. Okay no violence. So a cute -The Purge. The Kawaii. You can’t kill anyone but you can draw all the cute anime dicks you want on their face. With bunny ears!!!

But lets simmer down and get serious for a moment. I like Anime. Hold it you anime-hater-without-watching-any-anime. There is seriously good shows out there that are on the level of really good Sci-Fi/Crime dramas.  No tentacles or goo-goo girly eyes here.

First everyone should check out Attack On Titan. I assume most who are into Anime or curious may at least know about this one. It is everywhere on my Netflix.

This “Check It” is about Psycho-Pass. My new favorite show (that I am currently watching).

It is a serial crime drama at the core. So if you are into that that is check in column A (A is the good column).  Then there is this futuristic aspect where everyone is scanned constantly to make sure if they are sane enough to be in society (again check in the A  column).  Depending on this level you may get therapy, quarantined, or exterminated (Kid tested, Dalek approved). And finally there is interesting exploration of  the ethics of your job, relationships between people of different types, and what it means to exist in a society where you are constantly watched.


A trailer for your perusal:

What I like most about this show is that it takes elements you know: crime serial, a newbie learning the ropes, futuristic ability to determine evil with a scan  and  makes it something entirely original and interesting. There are layers to characters, to the world in which the show is immersed. There is also an overarching story line besides the “crime of the week”

One bit of warning: it can be graphic with the violence. It isn’t gratuitous but  there to show the reality of the world in the show.  However it could be a trigger for some. But if you like crime serials then this isn’t probably an issue for you.

All of the 1st Season is available on Hulu (don’t matter if you fancy upgraded it or not) 

So I urge you all to check it and love it as you will. You will learn that Anime is for everyone.

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