I am trying my hardest to write more consistently and failing consistently. New goal!- Try to write M-W-F and even if I don’t have a topic, pull one thing from my day and make it a topic. Today you get a rundown of the videos I watched on YouTube!!

1. This is apparently our new weatherperson on a local San Diego station. I have not verified this information because I like living my life without fear:

2.  Trying out a new comedian. Bonus points for being Scottish. More Bonus points for being funny.

3. Watched a ton of Glastonbury videos.  Ellie Goulding and Sam Smith were some highlights for me but to diversify I am sharing the Kooks with you. Funtastical:

4.  Watched the new show the Leftovers and it was bleak but I need to see it again. This song was featured:

5.  I watched this video that while it wasn’t nudity wasn’t probably the best idea when at work. It was mildly interesting:

6.  New Nicki Minaj song. A kind of ballad and major advertisement for whatever:

7.  Discovered John Green on YouTube (after reading The Fault in Our Stars) and now watching most anything I can get. Funny interview with him and Craig Ferguson from a year ago:

8.  Still not 100% sold on Miranda Sings but I can’t stop watching:


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