I am sure you all have that one thing that will always make you laugh no matter how silly and dumb it may be. Please share those with me. Mine is the beautiful Goat.

I am weak to goats-  Their noises make me laugh laugh like the spaz monkey we all know and love and I find them generally incredibly adorable.

I am going to share some of my favorite hilarious examples:

I don’t know why they are singing a movie theme song about a predator that would eat them in a second but as you all know Goats don’t hate they just eat everything non-meaty that is close to their mouth:

Some of you will think this improves Taylor Swift. I would make an opinion but I can’t because I am laughing too hard:

Here is more of that Song Goatness:

There is this game which y’all should own. It is what I call Goat Peggle:


Besides being funny they can be incredibly adorable: 

There is a whole area devoted to Goat Parkour



tumblr_n836m45GcB1qmmqhgo1_1280 Eh3Kb7N


I feel like the sheltered person when I search something online and then find it totally pornomized and this happened when searching goats on tumblr. Yes i know stay away from tumblr. How quickly the porn just pops up with goats is a bit too much for my innocent eyes. SHUSH I am totes innocent.


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