Summer Reading Soundtrack- Pt 1

Summer baby! I should love summer more than I do since my birthday kicks of the whole season (for reals) but it is so hooooooooooot.  However I do like creating a Summer Reading List.

This is my Siren Song (sure that works) to get you to create a summer reading list if you haven’t already. This is the perfect time: there aren’t that many new TV shows, finishing books on the list will give you great short term goal achievement rushes and the list will encourage lazy moments of beach or pool time which is a necessity in the summer.   But first you need to construct the perfect summer reading list.

What is the perfect summer reading list?

  • It should be weighted towards the shorter quicker books (for gold sticker motivation).
  • You should also have one book that is a bit tougher on the list to not feel totally like you ate junk food for the months.
  • Books you can imagine reading while on a pool chair with a fancy drink.
  • Dig up that book you have been wanting to read forever but never attempted.
  • Maybe a short manageable classic (if that is your thing).

At the core the length of the list should be in relation to how fast you read and how much time you think you will commit. No need to create a list that is 20 books long if you normally manage a book a month.

I am of course going to share my list with you because I am a sharer and excited. I will also associate a song with the books because I really need to give you this Vivi Tells You What To Listen To and because I am random like that. Some of these books I have already read because we are almost a month into summer and I am on top of this (for one year at least).


1. Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children — Ransom Riggs
Synopsis: Kid decides to figure out if Grandpas kooky stories are real or Snopes entries.

I breezed through it and enjoyed it enough. The mystery was enough to keep me going through the end but the book ended with the expectation of a sequel (and there is) and honestly I don’t care about what happens next. I just wanted to know about the initial mystery and after that was mostly resolved I am good. So I would suggest it if that English mild-Gothic-ness appeals to you.

Mark Lanegan -One Hundred Days: This song has that foggy feel that surrounds this book. It also talks about ships and birds also relevant. Though this song is way better and deeper than the book.

2. Mortal Instruments: City of Lost Souls — Cassandra Clare
Synopsis:  Book 5 in the series so read the first one City of Bones and if you survive that one and get to here then you are one brave soul. Synopsis of the series: normal girl finds out that things aren’t so normal and ropes in her dude friend into this crazy world where shit gets real and kind of stupid.

Ok Go- The Writing’s On the Wall : They all sound the same, the videos are interesting and the songs are catchy enough to keep me coming back. It is about 60 want to be there and 40 fuck all.

3. Ella Minnow Pea — Mark Dunn
Synopsis: What happens when you are forced to gradually stop using letters of the alphabet. Like all the time: writing, speaking, etc (is there an etc?). So what happens when letters drop and shit gets real. Really you shouldn’t have a book unless shit gets real. We all want to be the Real World since our world isn’t the real we want.

The book was quick and fun. It is a great gimmick– hate to use this word but it is best description I have. You can tell he wanted to challenge himself to write something that gradually dropped letters and see if the communication still is readable. Dunn executes this amazingly, the plot and structure works beautifully. Even though there isn’t a ton of character development the book is quick which is perfect for this “gimmick”. I highly recommend it if the concept sounds interesting to you.

Allen Stone- Love
: Also a genre/style that I like in small amounts if it doesn’t become too Jack Johnson-ish. This is a perfect balance of fun and summer without grating on my nerves.

 4. Perks of Being a Wallflower– Stephen Chbosky
Synopsis:  What happens when a wallflower stops being a wallflower and starts being real. Teen stuff. Yah know. Boys who like girls who like boys who like boys.

Another quick read and a book I loved deeply.  I would recommend anyone who is interested to give it a try. If you don’t find a connection with the book I could see someone finding the flaws in the story. It touched me (in a good way). I had all the feels.

Song: Courtneers- Summer: I know this is a book about school but this song does have that happy sweet tone that parts of the book have.  It is cute, sweet, simple.

Currently Reading:

5. Juliet, Naked — Nick Hornby
Boy + Girl + boy’s favorite singer who “disappeared” 20 years ago= turmoil.  Then shit gets real and girl meets boy’s favorite singer without said boy. 

I am about halfway through the book and like it very much. I have wanted to read it but never got around to and so here I am.  It is entertaining and fun for me but you have to like or be interested in Nick Hornby’s style (lots of kind of sad mopey people with some humor and pop culture thrown in).  I will update further when I finish the book.

Song:  Alice Cooper- Under My Wheels: I love this song and knew that Alice Cooper existed but not like this. The song reflects the nostalgia factor of the book and the mixture of good serious music with the fun beat.


Part 2 and maybe  a Part 3 next week!!

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