This Week in Vivi : La La La Random

Just a couple of quick random things that are in my head from this week:


  1. Mah girl T. Swift (If she doesn’t know that she is my girl,  is that creepy? I say nah) released a video to tell all you haters to stop hating.  Do haters hate the word hater? The song is called Shake it Off. It is fun, peppy, upbeat, which are all words for GOOD. The only reason why you aren’t listening is because you refuse to like a T Swift song because you will. If you don’t then you have lost that last bit of candy-funland in your soul.
  2. The Zombies– Saw the Zombies in concert with my dad. Old hippies were everywhere and the Zombies were great and looked so happy. Which made me happy. Also the gin made me happy. But happiness all around and they told stories. The perfect set from a band that has been playing music for over 50 years.
  3. Richard Herring’s Leicester Square Podcast  Actually listening to this now and it is hilarious and quick as fuck.  I love this show so much so I am now going to see a live taping in London. Flying to London for other reasons but this is more cherries on an already fucking awesome cake. mmmmmmm cake. I want cake. Give me cake.
  4. Make-Up – It goes on my face. I have been playing with new styles and products and will probably do a detailed post later. Not sure about posting my face because even though I covered it in color, still self-conscious. Honestly more about worried about my picture-taking abilities than my face. That is a good improvement.  Current favorite items:
    Lorac Pro Palette 2
    Lorac Pro Palette 2

    Marc Jacobs Lust for Lacquer Lip Vinyl -Color Boom Boom
    Marc Jacobs Lust for Lacquer Lip Vinyl -Color Boom Boom
  5. Welcome to Night Vale-  I was fortunate enough to attend the Thrilling Adventure Hour/Welcome to Night Vale cross-over event around San Diego Comic-Con. It was an amazing night of hilarity and I felt a bit lost—-I knew a bit about the Thrilling Adventure Hour but nothing about Welcome to Night Vale. However I came out of the event  loving to Welcome to Night Vale so so much.  Now Andreaboo and I have been listening to the podcast almost daily to catch-up and have fallen in love with this little desert town. We squee when our favorite townies show up, swoon at possible romances, and  laugh all the time. It is this perfect combination of creating the most hilarious thing and the sweetest thing.  You all should check it out for things like this:



For Surviving this post now here is a silly thing I  created in response to the awesome, but non-revealing, trailer for Quentin Trantino’s new film, Hateful Eight.

First here is the link to hopefully see the teaser trailer

Here is my silliness:


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