Loot Crate- August

I should have done this type of post sooner but I am bad at taking pictures. I just want to rip into the box like a feral dog trying to get that last piece of liver out of the dude we just killed. I only kill in a pack, for serious.

Loot Crate is a monthly subscription box (which I love this concept- It is a present every month!) that is geek centered. Each month will have a general theme and have about 6 or more items that surround this theme.

This month’s theme was HEROES  because last month was Villians.  Again more reasons why I should have started this earlier  (like 4 months ago when I got my first box) instead of now. But this is whatcha got.  Aren’t you are dying to know what I got and here my amazing commentary? Yes you are.



photo 1(2)
The Box

Now for the inside:

photo 3(2)


Since last month they have been putting these cool designs inside the box which makes it harder for me to throw them away. So if you are getting a gift from me this Christmas keep an eye out for one of these beautiful boxes.

The main event:

photo 4(2)The Groot Funko Pop! figurine!! I already have one but this is a Loot Crate special edition where parts of Groot glow in the dark (as it should be).  Last month it was a special variant cover of Rocket Raccoon #1.  I love Groot something fierce and I am okay having multiples of this around. I plan on getting the Baby Groot that they are producing.


photo 5(1)

The thing separating me from being Donatello was a pair of sunglasses instead of that annoying headband with the eye holes. Can you imagine how hard it is to keep it lined up to your eyes? Your peripheral vision is gone with that bandanna but not these spiffy new sunglasses. I am better than Donatello. Seriously how hard is it to hit someone with a stick?

photo 1(3)

Thing 1 (left):  Silver wings to add to my tennis shoes (lolols). Okay I have a pair of tennis shoes, only 1, and they are orange Kangaroos. So actually it would look pretty sweet. Okay I am doing this soon and will post pictures of my flighty adventures.

Thing 2 (right): MegaMan air freshener. I know nothing about MegaMan except that the game is fucking hard. He looks like a teen boy so I don’t know if I necessarily want an air freshener that smells like a teen boy that is kicking ass and taking names.

photo 2(2)

More Ninja Turtles ting. A Leonardo figurine with OOZE ACTION. I am a teenager at heart because I can’t help but be dirty thinking of Ooze Action. Even though they wouldn’t need to change it the porn version would be Secret of the Spooge. Hopefully they are Teenage Mutant Ninja Squirtles.  Though if you are squirting all over the place it cancels out the whole Ninja thing. Hmmm.. I think we will have to story board this one a bit more.

Also in the above picture is that orange circle which is actually a button. Each month you get a cute little themed button and I have them all in a drawer for some occasion like national put all your buttons on you and try not draw any blood day.

photo 4(3)

This is kind of a picture of everything and there is a small square that says Chimichongos which is a Deadpool reference? I guess he really likes chimichangas.  And the Orange Square is three game/game add-ons that I can redeem.

Doctor Who Legacy- looks like candy crush Doctor Who and I am down for that.

Defense Grid : The Awakening- I don’t know know what this is and why it needs to have an “awakening”. I mean is it a sleepy monster that is created of fur and graph paper? I sure hope so. I would play the shit out of a game that planned that thing’s awakening. Gather all the people, order all the robes.  Cheese and crackers, napkins (we aren’t heathens), and wine. What kind of wine do you serve with an awakening?

Gauntlet Add-On- Gave it Away

So there you have my Loot Crate.  If you are interested in getting the crates of loot then here is a nifty link: http://mbsy.co/lootcrate/5293115

Ooh Bonus Item that I saw in a store.  It is probably useless as a useful item but it is SPRINKLES:

photo 5(2)

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