Vivi Tells You What to Listen to – The Revival

Note: I apologize for any grammatical mistakes that are probably here. I know that if I try to edit this then I won’t publish it ever and I would rather get it out than make it pretty.  Me talk pretty one day. 


You are here. You were there but now you aren’t. You try to figure out where you are besides the vague “here”. THere is no mall directory to guide you on this journey. You are alone. Like a Highlights magazine there are 10 clues hidden in this picture.

1. The smell of Gasoline wafts through your nose and your brain registers the sweet chemical smell. You contemplate for a brief moment you love of this smell and how it is wrong but how it means you are closer to the T-Rex than others. There are some cars around you notice but nothing that jumps out as the source of the strong smell just that it is ever present.

2. A squirrel hops (do they hop?) or scatters in front of you and stands still. You and this gray squirrel with the fluffiest tail stand motionless. He looks at you not with fear or angst. He looks at you almost asking if it would be okay if you both were just still for a moment. No matter whatever is happening around for this moment lets be still. The air you breathe in this moment is pure and calm and makes you feel clearer than ever before. Then you realize that you sharing a “moment” with a squirrel might just be gasoline fumes invading your brain. The squirrel decides to fuck off.

3. It is at this moment that you realize that you aren’t the only one around. You see a group of people off in the distance. Across this dirt parking lot with cars there is a meadow with a huge group of people. They seem to be mostly wearing white. You decide to inspect this gathering of people. You turn to see if the squirrel is still around but he has truly fucked off.

4. Everyone is wearing white except for this one woman wearing a flowing pink dress. And it seems that she is being shamed or lauded (you can’t figure it out) by this group. They are chanting something in a language you don’t understand. She says “but I didn’t know”, in your language. “I just walked over after a squirrel fucked off” she continues. At that moment you realize she looks like you. Thaty ou are wearing a pink flowing dress. That that girl could have been you. Or is it you?

5. There are children running about and they go pick up these sticks and cloth from the side of the group. They come back running about looking like tiny Elephants in a parade. They surround the girl that is or isn’t you. YOu aren’t sure. Do you all look alike? What is a you? Are you here? Where is that squirrel? The Elephant children sing-song louder and start to enclose the woman closer and they knock her down and trample over her. THey are children so all they leave are tiny marks of fear as she cries out.

6. The adults don’t stop the children. They even pick them up and help them stomp harder. You should stop them but fear overcomes you. What if she is you? What if they get you instead? You notice that your hands are trembling. When you are nervous you tend to twirl your hair but you can’t even grip your hair the hands are too slick and shaking. You push foward toward the crowd with your hands up in a sign of peace and surrender.

7. All of a sudden as you walk up the crowd parts and they all start to clap slowly. Actually there is a loud boom and the a slow clap pulsating throughout the group. Boom Clap. Boom Clap as you walk through this group that is parting. The children stop and look at you. The woman still cowers in the center on the ground. You reach your hand out to pick her up.

8. She is crying but stands with the aid of your arms. The group just staring at you both. They seemed stunned and immobile. The woman finally looks at you and gasps loudly. You realize that she isn’t you. She is older than you. You feel your face just in case and do not feel the wrinkles you see in that face. It is familiar. She looks at you and whispers “R U Mine?” You tilt you head like a confused puppy. “I am your mother” she gasps and falls down to the ground.

9. There is a moment of shock and then the unraveling of everything beset infront of you. You feel it hit your head. The squirrel has come back and thrown an acorn at your head but it brings back everything. You parked the car. You let your mother go before you. She was going to stop this thing. This group from doing whatever they were going to do (the memories were still fussy). But a squirrel threw an acorn at you and you fell in that dirt lot. Or was that the story. Or did you just appear. You fell like the most plausable story is being created in your head because none of this makes any sense. You know this group is one that fears the unknown. They use the idea of a sky creature to fear the unknown.

10. Your mother is on the ground. You look and realize she isn’t moving. She is still. You reach down to touch her and realize she has died. You try to cry out but you feel nothing because your attachment to this woman hasn’t formed back yet. The sponge hasn’t dried. However you are able to turn around and scream at the group before you. Shout all the filth you can muster and they cower at your words. So you think. They back away from you and you shout more feeling a bit of pride that you have this much control over a mob. They point at you. No they point beyond you. You turn around and see that where your mother was there is now a huge elephant. Your mother has become an elephant woman.

You scream and move out of her way. She is storming and roaring. She goes through and tramples the entire crowd of people and stops and stares at the squirrel who is there. HE looks at your mom and then fucks off.


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