I Got Stuff- Loot Crate September

But it is October!! I am late and I have a bundle of joy for you all. I think this is my favorite Loot Crate so far. So many goodies that I wanted and didn’t want to share with no ones and ones I did. The theme was Galactic. A. Han Solo frozen in Carbonite poster I do like Star Wars but I do like Han Solo so a picture of him trapped and not talking is not my cup of Insert-Star-Wars-Themed-Drink-Here.  Also is Carbonite cold? If not then how can you freeze in it? And did Han Solo predict “Please Hammer Don’t Hurt ‘Em?” with that pose.  Also it looks like he is missing a leg. I betcha he is happy he didn’t actually lose the leg. Thugcat for scale and general fuckery. IMG_5761 (1)       B.   Star Trek Tribble and Science Fiction Vinyl Figure in the color Captain Mal I love this Tribble hard. It really is just a ball of fluff but the cutest fluff you ever will see. I have it at my desk at work and even though it is twice his size, Rocket Raccoon is doing well to keep the Tribble at bay. No unasked for reproduction in my office. My office is a sacred place. The figure is awesome but has these white soulless eyes and Mal isn’t soulless. This was given to Daniel to put in his office because I would freak if it was in mine or I would have sharpied in some crazy eyes. Half the fun of Mal is to look into those eyes and that dreamy face. I had a Nathan Fillion dream recently and he was trying to help me through some series of challenges but didn’t help me get rid of my fleas.  Typical Nathan. IMG_5757     C.  Halo Comic, Asteroid Magnet,  Firefly Currency A code for Halo Comic. I don’t wanna be Halo spoiled so I will give it away. Sure that is what we are going with. Not that it is with Dark Horse and I don’t want to have to navigate another system to get comics. Not lazy at all. I am like Sandra Bullock in Gravity, just floating in space doing nothing because I am a woman and there is no man to save me. Except in my dreams (but not Nathan Fillion- call back!) Asteroid Magnet is for all your magnet needs. My fridge is going to get full soon. If an asteroid ever lands in my  patio I will a magnet for reference. Firefly Currency is super pretty and awesome. No idea what I am going to do with it. Maybe try to commandeer a space ship and find some way to spend it on booze and whores and scarves? IMG_5759   D.  Alien Figurine and Pop Rocks Alien Figurine is creeping me out now that I have watched many Alien: Isolation videos. The survial horror game where you are Ripley (believe it! or don’t your call. I am not going to force you to do anything) and trying to escape the Alien. The Alien is all slinky and slow and creepy. If it was a ladyfriend you might be turned on. Or maybe instead of being terrified (correct response) you have a fear boner (incorrect response). No one should have a fear boner.  Jerk off and run my friend. Pop Rocks. I am not going to say no to candy. Candy that fizzes in my mouth and might kill me if I pair it with other fizzy things. It won’t make me float in the sky only to have to burp my way out of the situation. I am trying to think of other situations where burping is a perfectly acceptable way to solve your problems. None. At a funeral? Nope  Losing your virginity? Nope Thwarting an attack of Ninjas?  Nope.   IMG_5758   There you have it. The pictures also showed you the inside of the box. Much pretty.

2 thoughts on “I Got Stuff- Loot Crate September

  1. I’m annoyed that they folded the poster. I would have killed for that poster when I was young. I really like the magnet. I always thought that Asteroids needed more space ships. Kira saw the Pop Rocks and pretty much had them opened before I knew what was happening.

    1. The poster isn’t for me but they could have easily rolled it in the box for people who will use it. I think I really just love my Tribble and the Alien is pretty cool if it doesn’t give you nightmares.

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