I Got Stuff- Ipsy October

Not related to this bag of the month but i got a beauty sample recently that is neck tightening cream. 1st. I don’t think one use will make my neck tighter than ever (which I don’t think I need yet). 2nd what makes it good for the neck as opposed to other areas that need some tightening? 3rd do you think turkey’s are the main investors in this?

Overall I am super happy with this bag. Many things I will actually use so yayay!


Lets review the items going from Left to Right

1. Epice International Purifying Exfoliant

Sigh the name. it is an exfoliant, I hope to whomever it is purifying. If not then what the fuck am I using an exfoliant for? I love using exfoliants- I feel like my skin is just a bit cleaner and bumpier than before. So far I don’t find that much of a difference between them but I will keep trying these samples because it means that I never have to buy an actual product.

2. Star Looks Lip Gloss (shade guilty pleasure)

This smells like cookies which is a major plus to me. I don’t know why the color is called “guilty pleasure” because it is such a subtle inoffensive color. Even not too glossy for a lip gloss. It is a good everyday lip gloss. Maybe because it make people think of vaginas? And again never should be a guilty pleasure. Change the name to something else like “everyday lip gloss totes not a vagina”

Bonus pic on my lips:

See pretty and light. I don't feel guilty for wearing it.
See pretty and light. I don’t feel guilty for wearing it.

3.  ModelCo VOLUMEYES Extreme Black Mascara

Again with the words. EXTREME. It makes me feel like I am going to put this on my face and immediately fall off a cliff with my skateboard and land on a ramp and do one of those double flippie things and then wrestle a bear that invaded the skatedome and when the bear is subdued proceed to take the biggest drink of Mountain Dew Shocking Blue ever.  For serious now- I love this mascara. It makes my lashes all beautiful and big and it lasts pretty well too. No clumping so far. My favorite mascara that I have used so far in this make-up revival which is a total of 3.

4. Figs and Rouge Hand Cream (scent: rose berry)-

First the cream is mucho dreamy on the hands. It feels so nice and smooth.  However it smells gross. I can’t explain it fully but it is this off scent that makes one nauseated and then dizzy and then you have ebola. JK. Seriously people. It is just a touch of ebola not the full blown kind.  I would totally recommend this lotion if it didn’t smell like if you literally shit roses.

5. Nicole by OPI Nail Lacquer (color:  Very Cherry)-

It is pure sex in a bottle that is spread all over those nails. I love the color although I realized that I already had the same color from another brand. I think this is a perfect color for Fall/Winter.

Bonus nail pic:

Ignore the blurry picture and my horrible nail polish application skills.
Ignore the blurry picture and my horrible nail polish application skills.

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