Oscars 2015- Best Picture


For me the slate of best picture nominees for 2015 is overall fairly week. I think I am in a rebellious phase against the bio-pic and this year 4 of the 8 nominees are bio-pics. Blergh.  Regardless I watched them all and will give you my quick reviews/key points about the movies. Probably some spoilers but seriously they are mostly based on truth so Wikipedia is also a spoiler. Also history.

Oh these babies are in order of least liked, to most liked so ooh a ranking!!

The Imitation Game

  • It has my detective boo, Benedict Cumberbatch but that didn’t save this mess of a film.
  • We get it, you like the bar but that doesn’t tell me about science or gayness. Just whatever.
  • Kiera Knightley is super amazing love. You should watch Begin Again to see a better movie with a better Keira Knightley.

Theory of Everything

  • Fuck Yeah Science!
  • Being a cripple doesn’t exclude you from the major dick card.
  • I love the cinnematography a lot. Though now thinking of it, I think i liked the parts where they were playing with all the Instagram filters.
  • Eddie Redmanye is brilliant in the movie and more than just for the I can cripple good factor. He acts the crap out of his eyes.
  • I don’t fully understand why the whole God/No God debate is so important. I don’t know if that was such a big deal in his story.
  • This movie is why I feel like biopics fail: there was so much more that happened that I was curious about but that was forsaken to try to make me cry. I want more SCIENCE. Less wank wank.
  • Oh I watched Particle Fever and that documentary is amazing and so much SCIENCE. So I suggest you fire up the old Netflix and watch this instead of Theory of Everything.


  • To paraphrase the great Billy Eichner “we don’t need this movie just because Edward Norton is having a moment”. You could also replace that with Michael Keaton.
  • To be fair Keaton was amazing in this movie.
  • I wonder if Innaratu only gets cranes for his birthday and christmas.
  • I do love the tracking shot. I seriously never realized that’s  what it was until True Detective. Now I am all over that shit but still you need something more than some fancy camerawork (looking at your grave Kubrick).
  • A movie telling people what is wrong with them. Just go to therapy don’t become a bird. Seriously I think therapy is more helpful than being a bird. THough birds seem well adjusted. No they don’t I take that back. Any animal that just will randomly shit on someone isn’t well adjusted at all. Esp if you aren’t getting paid for it.


  • I have been told this story isn’t told right but I enjoyed the film.
  • Really powerful and effective in its message without being too sugary.
  • Made me want to learn more about the Civil Rights movement but in the good way. Not in the I feel like they left crucial stuff out way.
  • It was a solid movie but nothing special as a movie. Yes to the content not to the movie as a whole.

American Sniper

  • Because of Dallas Buyer’s Club now when I see a bull riding scene, I think someone is going to get AIDS.
  • Random thought: I just thought i had a discoloration on my arm that MUST be skin cancer (hypochondriac much?) but nope just soy sauce that splashed on me earlier.
  • Islamic Sniper had pretty eyelashes
  • Bradley Cooper was really subtle and powerful
  • This movie is so unbiased that anyone that sees the movie promoting any type of message is putting it in there themselves.
  • A really well done movie Super solid.
  • Wish I had something funny but really killing isn’t funny. Unless it is a clown because they are shitheads. Well not you. Don’t be sad clown. Sad clowns are the creepiest of them all. Because you want to hug that mess but then you don’t because: clown. And if anyone tries to bed me by saying “are you down to clown?” will get a frying pan to the face.


  • Because Cimbals/Symbols was rejected as a title.
  • BING BANG BONG was also rejected.
  • Blood on the Skins also rejected.
  • A tour de force of acting. blerg. Seriously the best acted movie out of all of the nominees It was amazing.
  • The direction was beautiful. These shots were all tight and focused in the best ways.
  • It made me appreciate Jazz.
  • JK Simmons should be able to do whatever he wants

Grand Budapest Hotel
How to determine if you will like this movie:

  • You like Wes Anderson films?
  • You like Moonrise Kingdom and parts of his other films (mostly the quirky fun parts and not the parts with total dicktatude?
  • You love the colors pink and gray and purple?
  • You are a big Bill Murray and Jason Schwartzman fan?
  • You want to see a movie with Ed Norton not having a moment?
  • You just like fun and the concept of a soul?
  • You don’t want to make Vivi cry?

If you answered yes to any of those then you will love this movie.


  • This movie is really the only one you need to see. LOLOL. Nah it is super good though.
  • DId you ever wish you knew what it was like growing up as a kind of lowerish/middle class kid in mostly Texas? YES! Then do i have a movie for you.
  • Seriously just see the fucking movie. You know what it is about. SPOILER: No explosions.
  • Beautiful movie, love it muchly.
  • Sure it is long but you get Ethan Hawke being  mega Ethan Hawke. He may have one thing but he does it sooo good.
  • I am a sucker for the mush Linklater.
  • Do you think a lot of us like this movie because with either the pop culture or life moments we all just go “yup I remember that” and we just love this movie out of a sense of nostalgia? Or is the movie actually good? YOU WATCH, YOU DECIDE

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