Colors (dress, the world, Nick Cave)

I go out for a simple plate of pancakes, Click Click bloody pancakes, and the whole Internet is in a tizzy to determine if this dress is blue and black or white and gold: THEDRESS_FEAT-970x545 I have, honestly, seen both at times. Right now it is blue and black (which is correct). If you see white and gold it means the cones in your eyes (not the ones of Dunshire) are going funky for the moment (don’t worry, you aren’t that broken). Shorter wavelength, harder it is for us to always see it correctly and blue is pretty short on that ROYGBIV spectrum. I mean it is already past Roy and on to the beginning of Bell Biv Devoe. BTW that will be my mash-up band ROYGBIV Devoe. We do science themed Bell Biv Devoe songs. UPDATE: this explanation could be wrong but that is what I read at one point as the truth and in the spirit of the Internet, I will defend this point of view to the DEATH.

In other random color news. I have been “needing” nail polishes that are basically the same color. For example I just got these (at the same time):


Okay they are different but not so significantly different that I needed both. I also got these two: essie-hip-anemaIMG_1371

Again different but super similar. Yet I love these nuances. I am fortunate that my eyes can see the differences and appreciate the differences in these nail polishes. I believe this is how I am able to love all the dream electro pop that is popular now and find uniqueness in all of it and cherish it all.

Dress Update!!!!


SO are you a Kanye or a Kim? And no you can’t choose “other” or “I don’t wanna”. You have to admit you would love to have Kanye’s creative fearlessness with Kim’s ass. I assume she does something well and talented but I don’t know enough of her to tell you, so I will say….dat ass.  BTW— I am a Kanye all the way.

Not exactly color related but since color is related to how we came to be and if we didn’t become matter and stuff then we wouldn’t see color…. You all need to see Particle Fever.
I am enthralled by anything quantum/particle physics related and especially the Large Hadron Collider. Particle Fever is a great documentary about the start-up of this whole process to discover the beginning of us(<3). It is super fascinating on a human level rather than  the “yaya science” level. You get this rush of discovery excitement like when you were a child and trying to figure out the world around you by picking up sticks and poking each other. Or maybe you did some science: Like burning a bug or doing snail races. My snails always just did fuck all and refused to race. Fuckers. Anyways the guy who theorized this ” god particle” had to wait almost 50 years to see if it actually existed or not,  shows the amount of patience and dedication people have in this world. In a time when scientific endeavor is often demeaned as nerdy and useless, the idea that people continuously work to keep the ideas of exploration alive is a beautiful thing. It would be nice if we could, as humanity, appreciate them more however they will still keep going because that is what is next.

Also we should create science porn the Large Hadron Colide-insider.  LOLOLOLOL

Here is an awesome song that features a color:

I also discovered that there is this event coming to San Diego: From what I gather you attend a concert and then they cover you in paint. I think that would be fun and then  I would feel bad about the clean up. But then we all can be unicorns. And who doesn’t want to be a unicorn? Broken people, that is who. unicorn

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