Random Vivi Things – Read this you won’t believe why she is falling down the stairs

It is because she is clumsy. No none pushed her down, she just has a really bad relationship with gravity. Honestly when you think about it, gravity is the best and worst lover. You feel stable and secure and then all of a sudden you are covered in bruises. Why doesn’t gravity go to jail? CONSPIRACY that is why.

Things that are on my radar/love/like list:

Loves from Coachella:

Here are the acts I tried and fell in love from watching YouTube stream: 

TV Shows (focusing on ones starting back up or brand new):

  • Mad Men- If you haven’t started now why not? DVR the epis that have aired (2) and will air (5) and then marathon the rest on Netflix. You really shouldn’t be able to leave the house until you do. Better order your 50 pound bag of cheetos, case of water and 48 rolls of TP from Amazon now. It is easier on all of us if you do.
  • Silicon Valley- This show is beautifully hilarious and weird. Even people who are on one episode and have a few lines are funny as all fuck. You can marathon the first season of this in one day and then get caught up on the new season.
  • Game of Thrones- Honestly if you aren’t watching this it is because you tried and gave up (I understand completely) or you live under a rock. I know outside rock world is scary. But you know what? There is this actor named the Rock. Use him as your beacon into the world. Watch Furious 7 then try Game of Thrones. You can give up on it after one episode, I understand. Too many people that you really don’t care about and does it really need to be that rapey all the time?  However season 5, episode 1: It was really entertaining. I wasn’t bored and I wanted to know more. I hope they keep up that pace and minimize boring walking scenes and the unnecessary torture/rape/almost rape scenes. We get it— there are no laws except don’t kill the king (even though he deserved it the most). Why do you even have jails if you aren’t really using them? It just seems like a waste of real estate. Maybe build a Sephora instead. Westeros could really use a Sephora.
  • Daredevil-  Brutal awesome. It made me care about superhero television shows and made me realize how great they can be. The acting is really good and the stories are plausible, compelling and sustainable over a season.


  • Too Faced Sugar Pop Palette-  It is all about migrating into spring/summer. I love this palette because it is bright and lively and has a great variety of colors to create summery looks. It is also small so I can take it with me on trips.  I have used it once so far and it was gorgeous on me. I love wearing orange on my eyes
  • MAC Sushi Kiss-  This spring/summer it will be about the oranges for me. I have found a couple of oranges and there are some more I am looking at possibly acquiring (Tom Ford Omar or Tomas –I am looking at you). Sushi Kiss is this unique coral orange that is bright and fun and looks great on me.


Tabletop day was this past Saturday and we had an amazing day playing games with all of our friends.  Some games I have been playing lately that I love:

  • Metagame- I Kickstarted this game over a year ago and finally have it in my possession. This game is super fun. It has the two card component style of Cards Against Humanity or Apples to Apples but there are multiple game variants and I really think each one sparks up new conversations and debates. The version we played was called Matchmaker and it ended up with people having to choose the best of the following examples:
    IMG_0635(1) IMG_0637
  • Star Realms- The ultimate deck-builder for me so far. It has super replay value. It has the assholery of magic except that both people playing are pulling from the same pool of cards thus you both equally get to be the asshole.  You both get the opportunity to have the asshole cards. It is the Oprah of deck-building games.
  • Rivals of Catan: if you love Settlers of Catan but hate threesomes, this is the game for you. Two people go head to head. No need to trade supplies with each other. Fuck being nice. It is just fuck and fuck all.

Random Thoughts

  • With the rash of teaser trailers that has leaked or been released this week I plan on creating teaser trailers next time I go to a museum. I will film some sort of costume, miniature exhibit or whatever. Then slap some dramatic music and a title. Pioneer outfits? OREGON TRAIL THE MOVIE.  Spirit of St Louis replica? YOU FLY BROTHER: The movie.
  • People use the Bible to defend some crazzzy ideas. I am now going to defend all of my ideas with the infamous book Pat The Bunny. If the bunny is fluffy this means that women should have the right to vote. You wouldn’t get the bunny sticky without asking, don’t do the same to women. FEMINISM.
  • New movie: Shark Surgeon, MD (see he is super qualified). A Shark that performs surgeries with his mouth and is in a constant battle not to eat his patients. The struggle is real yo.

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