Vivi Tells You What to Listen to- MishMosh

Yay it is back for now!!! Yay I don’t know the “theme” yet. Yay to hoping I figure it out by the end of this paragraph. Should I do a make-up YouTube channel that all the kids are doing now?  Yayay! Yay to yayay!! All my descriptions will involve multiple yayas. No it won’t. Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? Yes I shall. I will match each song to a day in summer. Because summer is ending and that makes us sad. Unless we are white girls who love everything about fall.  Gingerbread lattes way better than Pumpkin Spice lattes, btw.

Active Child – 1999
This song is for that lazy Sunday where you have a glorious cuddle fuck wake up with your lover. Everything is warm but with moments of cool. You might grab coffee or a mimosa before crawling back into bed to intertwine and meld some more.

The Bohicas – To Die For
Day road trip! Even better if you have a convertible and if not then a day when windows down will work. Driving around feeling the breeze on you and still feeling the sun beaming down. Maybe your ultimate destination is the beach or the park. Or even a restaurant with an open patio. Though if you do the last, don’t watch the video first. Drive on my friend.

Royal Blood- Figure It Out
That early part of your night. Maybe you have a drink or two in you. The air outside is still warm but starting to get that edge of cool. You are in a bar or club and trying to assess the situation before you settle in. Energy is starting to pump through you but you don’t have any place to put it at the moment, it is too early in the evening. You are tapping your feet to the music that is pumping waiting for that dance floor to open. (hint: start the dance floor!)

Iwan Rheon – Bang! Bang!

Indoor day! Feeling the fans or AC going and you are maybe doing a load of laundry while watching a movie fest or a YouTube fest (I don’t judge). Drinking iced tea, relaxing and feeling productive all at the same time. Maybe you are catching up on Game of Thrones (wink wink)

Dorthia Cottrell – Gold
That morning you wake up to beat the heat so you can go outside and enjoy a hike or if you are me, a farmers market. You are leisurely drinking coffee and buying zucchini. Maybe you get a pastry. Doing all you can before that hot sun starts to pour down on you.

Peace- World Pleasure

Insert Summer Event here. The fair! You need your ready for the day song. The song telling you it will be a fun and great day. You will own the day. You will strut among the funnel cakes and tilt-a-whirls with pride and a swagger.

William Beckett – Compromising Me

Going to the work song. Even the lyrics make it like you are starting off to work.  You would much rather stay home one more day but you have to work. Sing a long while you get ready or drive to work. Walk into work with a sweet little dance.

Discolsure ft Sam Smith – Omen

Oh going back to the song before. Your night is in full swing and you are stalking but not stalking your new future boo. You want to sing them all the love songs. Or at least find them and mesh your sweaty bodies together for a brief moment. You are dancing and all your confidence is in full force. You will get your summer boo.

Demi Lovato – Cool For the Summer

Beach day. The perfect beach song to lounge out. To find your beach summer boo.  It is the perfect summer song. For any day in the Summer but especially the beach or pool (if you are landlocked).  Note: this video is hot as fuck.

Dexys Midnight Runners – Plan B

End of one of those epic summer nights with all of your friends. You don’t want it to end but you all need to go. However there is always time for one more song. Maybe you are around a bonfire and singing along to the song of your youth or summer. Or just having those memorable last minute conversations that linger. You know that even though you have had other similar moments, this one will be the one that is the example.

Lianne Le Havas -What You Don’t Do

Backyard BBQ day. Props if you are the one to host it! If you aren’t then  this is the song that is playing when you enter carrying your beer and potato salad (because not bringing things is for fools). You want to do a little dance but you don’t want to slip and potato salad your hosts. Putting your items safely down, grabbing a beer you dance over to inspect what is grilling. Because we all inspect the grill. Oh burgers. Yeah. That’s cool.

Various Cruelties- If It Wasn’t For you

The end of summer. Maybe you are saying goodbye to your boo, the vacation you took, your swimsuit that broke on the last day. What ever you need to say goodbye to this summer that you cherished, this song is for you.
Side note: this band name is appropriate because I find it various cruel that this is their only good song.

The Libertines – What Became of the Likely Lads

For anytime in the year. I just really love the Libertines right now and I need to let you all know that I do. Plus they did a couple of festivals and seem to be functionally together. A girl in San Diego hopes  they stay functional long enough for them to come to San Diego for a concert (not just vacay).  Maybe not for the summer but fall?

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