I am not talking about pumpkin spice lattes but the 2nd movie in the Three Colors Trilogy By Kieślowski . I had seen 1-3 in the Decalogue and Blue before and i love the simple, emotional style he evokes.

From what I gather this is the most lighthearted of the three which is still full of sadness and longing. It has been a while since I have seen the Decalogue parts I know but I feel like those have different versions of longing too. Blue also evoked a sense of longing. .

This movie is about a Polish man who when recently divorced from his wife and left as a beggar in Paris goes back to Poland to regain his wealth and to plan revenge.  The color scheme of White is super present. I didn’t find it “funny” as I guess I was supposed to. Someone on Rotten Tomatoes used the word Droll and while I like interesting words that word just pisses me off. That is the “heh” of the internet speak.

I found the movie overall bittersweet and sad an unfulfilled longing. Not understanding what you really want and after getting what you think you want still being sad.

It was interesting that this one was set in Poland mostly while the first was in Paris and I assume the third will be the same.

Random notes:

– I want a briefcase that I just hold “emergency vodka”.

-The poster above features Julie Delpy while the husband, played by Zbigniew Zamachowski, is in almost all of the movie. She is just in a fraction. But she is prettier. 

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