Late Movie Review: Lucy

1st. Don’t

2nd. Don’t

There is a lot of stock footage. It was like someone came to Luc Besson and said we have all this free stock footage: animals doing animal shit, cells doing cell shit, other computer animation doing computer animation shit, so how about you take it and, like the wunderkinds who made Mamma Mia (the Musical), make it into a movie.  Here is some money to hire ScarJo and Morgan Freeman. Go.

And we have ScarJo absorbing magic drugs and getting magic powers. Morgan Freeman I guess trying to explain science that is just bullshit to us. So his purpose as the “God” of this movie is gone. Korean stars that are supposed to be bad ass but are just a funnel for drugs and gangs.

No explanation why a group of white people who don’t speak Chinese are in Tapei and why there are Korean drug gangs.

Some good shots of Paris so you have that.

Don’t just don’t.


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