Quick Movie Reviews

When Andreaboo was here in November we saw a lot of movies. Here are my quick synopsis and reviews.

The Peanuts Movie

The only good one because he is quiet.

Synopsis: Lovable group of scamps go to school. Also features dog.
Review: cute, fun, what you would expect from a Peanuts movie. Red baron= sleepytime


Synopsis: Immigration is hard yo. Movie not for Donald Trump.
Review: Sweet, beautiful, lovely and really enjoyed. Unfortunately forgettable.


Synopsis: The story of how you read that priests were skeevy. Finally confirmation.
Review:  quiet, powerful, so so good. If you like All The Presidents Men then oh do I have a movie for you. Now with less 70s baggage.

The Good The Bad The Ugly

Synopsis: Three people ensue in hilarious cowboy hi-jinks.
Review: gorgeous, fun, lingering. I am still thinking about this movie.This is the best thing to watch to prep you for Tarantino’s movie, The Hateful Eight. 

The End of The Tour

Synopsis:  Prolific writer, David Foster Wallace, goes on a road trip with the budding Lex Luthor.
Review: engaging movie to make you think. Makes you want to read Infinite Jest and then an hour later you wondered why you were so crazy.

Steve Jobs

Synopsis: Never see how the sausage is made unless it speaks via Aaron Sorkin.
Review: Verbose but in the good way. Not a biography but so amazing. Intense character study.

Bridge of Spies

Synopsis: Tom Hanks is exasperated but loyal. Not so bad Russia is just doing their job.
Review: Engaging. Couldn’t take my eyes off this movie. Much focus. So much fun.

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